The Challenge of Meeting the sales volume necessary to support the high cost of buying land and operating a car wash with today’s uncertain labor markets is difficult. But when you combine the revenue enhancing features of a conveyorized tunnel car wash with the reliability and efficiency of the Istobal M series rollovers you have the Express on Rails Tunnel car wash concept.

In a staged drive-thru concept, you are increasing value, volume and revenues without adding labor costs or having to deal with difficult loading conveyors but with many of the added off board features you find in traditional tunnel car wash models.

The Express On Rails concept can utilize any Istobal M series rollover. Our new M series of rollovers stand out in so many ways: stylish clean looks, programming flexibility, and versatility. Many optional color choices for the frame and fairings give you complete customization to match the look and feel of your location.

By utilizing Istobal’s optional M’NEX 22H unit, you allow the customer to choose a touch free only wash, friction only wash, or hybrid wash (friction with high pressure rinse options). You now have captured both segments of the automatic market Touch Free/Friction in one tunnel car wash bay.

Since 1950, Istobal has stood for quality, consistency and unmatched commitment to the vehicle care & car washing industry. Contact us today for information about any of our Tunnel Car Wash models or to see how our express on rails concept could provide you with a greater return on investment than other conveyorized tunnel car wash options.

tunnel carwash


tunnel carwash


tunnel carwash