Truck wash equipment and rollovers for commercials

Istobal is the Largest Manufacturer of Truck Wash Equipment in the World. We manufacture various types of Truck Wash Equipment to meet the needs of any fleet.

We offer gantry style truck wash equipment, touch-free systems, manual walk around units, as well drive-thru products. We have the expertise required to provide a system that meets your demands as well as your washing expectations.

The bulk of Truck Wash Equipment sold in North America is produced in Bristol, VA using stamped USA Steel so as to comply with the Buy America Act. Using all high quality components built around a heavy, column style frame that is hot dipped galvanized or optional stainless steel construction, to provide many years of trouble-free operation.

With an Istobal system, you get the lowest operating cost per wash and a cleaner, safer and better maintained fleet. By using an automated Truck Wash Equipment system, you will keep your operation in full environmental compliance…

No issues or concerns with wash water run off as experienced with manual washing or power washing. Some of the features include: AMP sensing brushes that cross the center line while washing with a “Criss-Cross” movement that Eliminates center stripe. Fixed, pivoting side brushes are also available. AMP sensing technology that senses large obstacles and release pressure on the brushes to prevent damage.

With our High pressure options, the truck wash equipment can clean areas of the vehicle normally done only by hand Like mirrors or bike racks. The Contouring Top and/or Side oscillating high pressure can be programed to wash certain areas with High Pressure only but activate the brushes on other areas in a single wash. Two standard wash heights are available. Please contact us today for any questions or discuss options available on any of our Truck Wash Equipment.

truck wash equipment


truck wash equipment


truck wash equipment


truck wash equipment


truck wash equipment