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A triple bus wash in Seville

By 11 October, 2018ISTOBAL SCHOOL
bus wash

We are really pleased to be able to share our customers’ real cases with you. Today, we are going to talk about a facility in Seville where 200 local buses are washed every day by three of our drive through machines. Here is an interview with Manuel Rosendo, maintenance manager of Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla S.A.M. (Tussam), the company that runs Seville’s bus and tram service. He is going to give us some details about an amazing facility. But before you read the interview, watch this video featuring Tussam’s wash area in operation in the evening, a process repeated day after day to prepare Seville’s local bus fleet for the daily routes.


Question: How long has Tussam worked with ISTOBAL?

Answer: We have used ISTOBAL machines at our facility for more than 25 years. We now have three drive through systems for buses, model ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE3. They have four vertical brushes, soft starters and a rinsing and waxing arch.

Q: How often are local buses washed in Seville?

A: Buses are washed every other day throughout the year. This pace remains unchanged all year long. Some 200 buses are washed every day with a program lasting from 1 to 2 minutes and avoiding the wing mirrors.

Q: Are mirrors the main obstacle to a good bus wash?

A: In our case, it is essential to rely on a wash system that can minimize mirror damage. Mirrors are a very sensitive vehicle area. ISTOBAL’s machines in combination with the mirror-avoidance program are fantastic.

Q: What is the most important aspect for an optimum result?  

A: In my opinion, the most important thing -and the most difficult one- is to get the whole bus to run through the machine and stop at the right points at the right times. The driver needs to be skilful so as to know where to stop, particularly when the system reaches the back of the vehicle.

Q: What bus areas must be paid more attention?

A: The most critical areas are the front windscreen, the driver’s window, the doors, and all of the back.

Q: What other products and services by ISTOBAL does Tussam have?

A: Our facility has water pre-treatment and water recycling equipment supplied by ISTOBAL, and our machines use the ISTOBAL esens® chemical products. We also rely on ISTOBAL’s technical service for equipment maintenance. Besides using ISTOBAL machines for the local bus fleet, we also wash the trams that run through the city centre with a system specifically designed by the company.

Q: Any ISTOBAL strengths you would like to comment on?

A: ISTOBAL has been there for us all along, whenever we needed them. Besides, the Technical Service engineers are highly qualified and know the equipment very well.

That is definitely the way it should be, because our sales staff may sell the first machine but it is our engineers who sell the next ones thanks to their expertise and good maintenance work. Thank you Tussam for trusting ISTOBAL during all those years and thank you Manuel for telling us in the interview.


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