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The first Spanish prototype of the “train of the future” travels to the United States to further its development

By 26 July, 2017Hyperloop, NEWS

Following the renewal of ISTOBAL’s sponsorship of Hyperloop UPV for the second consecutive year, some members of the student team from Universitat Politècnica de València have travelled to Purdue University (Indiana) to build the first Spanish prototype for Hyperloop, the so-called fifth mode of transportation. It is a revolutionary means of transport for passengers and goods powered by 100% renewable energy that will allow us to travel at more than 1,100 km/h.

Now named Atlantic II after the transatlantic collaboration between universities, the prototype has been selected out of 300 projects by universities from all over the world to participate in Hyperloop Pod Competition II, organised by the American aerospace company SpaceX. The competition will take place on August 25-27 in California. The UPV students are the only Spanish team in the competition and they are among the 5 European teams in the contest.

After winning the Best Design Award in the first phase of the competition, the Valencian team is preparing the project prototype together with students from the University of Purdue (US), renowned for its aeronautics school. “So far, we have developed the chassis and the fairing, and we have successfully tested the electronic system in tightness conditions at Val Space Consortium, the Valencian Space Partnership that collaborates with the European Space Agency (ESA),” says Juan Vicén, Communication spokesman for Hyperloop UPV. He is confident they can be one of the fastest teams in the competition.

The team’s efforts are now aimed at building a vehicle that can travel as fast as possible on the test track but one that can stop before reaching the end of it under safe conditions. The 2.50m wide and 1m high prototype has a capacity for one person. The goal is to double the record of phase 1, reaching 200 km/h levitating on the track thanks to a magnet system.

The students of the UPV are determined to win the contest. Their victory would certainly be a milestone for Spain in such a prominent international competition, with students from the best universities all over the world and under the umbrella of Elon Musk, the creator of the contest and the founder of successful companies such as Tesla and Paypal.

ISTOBAL, supporting talent and innovation

Through the sponsorship agreement, ISTOBAL, the Spanish leader in car wash and car care solutions strengthens for a second year its commitment to talented university students who are working in the construction of an innovative and revolutionary prototype for the train of the future.

For the Valencian company, it is absolutely important to continue supporting the talent generated at the university and the innovation and research conducted by these young people, through revolutionary projects like this one, and other projects that are being jointly developed with students of the Polytechnic University through the ISTOBAL Professorship.