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The 10 most curious car-related jobs for car lovers

By 30 November, 20174CARLOVERS
automotive world

We know you like cars so much that you would like to spend your whole day with them. That’s why we are going to talk about some of the most curious jobs in the automotive world. Let’s hit the road!

You may not know it but you could become a seat tester and try to find the ideal seat. But you should know this job is not about spending hours on end comfortably seated. In fact, it takes a lot of studying to design the right structure or the best way of folding the seat, choosing the foam and the fabric, and the correct design of the headrest, which will prevent cervical injuries. You could also find a job in the automotive sewing sector. It’s not just about sewing upholstery and creating patterns for mats, but also making all the fabric linings for doors and boots, and sewing the leather that covers many other vehicle elements such as the hand brake or the gear box. In the design stage, this is done by hand to a great extent with the first models, which will later be automated. Some luxury cars are manufactured in series but with hand-sewn elements.

If you like sculpture, you can create full-scale car models of clay. This is a necessary task when creating the first prototype of a new car model.  Clay models are used to correct angles, refine curves, and model elements added by designers until a final design is reached for production. Classic car restorer? You probably didn’t give it a thought but this job is also part of the automotive universe. If you like vintage cars, this could be your dream job. You need to be really knowledgeable about specific models or makes and have a mechanics background.

Do you like extreme sensations? How would you like to be an F1 safety car driver? Or a race-car test driver? These jobs are very well paid, but make no mistake, you have to train in driving schools for years and work your way up studying car design and telemetry. And if you like super-cars, another option is to become a valet and work for luxury hotels and restaurants. You will drive them just for a while though, and you will also need to have impeccable driving records, know how to treat clients and be very punctual.

You can also work as a test driver for more common cars, for different auto-makers. First drivers test the vehicles when they leave the assembly line. They drive at different speeds on different roads, check for strange noises, and make sure the brakes, lights, horn and other electrical components of the car work properly.

We still have a couple of jobs to complete our list. Writing can also be great if you have a passion for cars. You can specialise and became a motoring journalist: you will complete test drives of new car models on the market and prepare opinion pieces and reviews for magazines or television.

Finally, one of the most curious professions. There is also someone behind that new-car smell: the odour assessor. A team of chemists are responsible for ensuring that characteristic smell we love so much. How about you? Do you have an unusual car-related job? Please tell us.

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