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Technological gadgets for your car to be up to date

By 2 November, 20174CARLOVERS
technological gadgets

If you really are a CarLover, apart from taking good care of your car and enjoying driving it, you must be passionate about all those technological devices that we can incorporate onto our vehicles to enhance performance, comfort and safety. Your car might not the latest model in the market, but it is certainly your most precious possession. It can be completed with a great many gadgets that will update it, technology-wise. We would like to present some of those devices for your beloved four-wheel machine to be at its best.

Today’s smart phones allow us to have GPS on board in a simple way, but there are some related gadgets that may be of interest to you. Connected to your mobile phone, GPS trackers will let you know the exact location of your car. Have you ever forgotten where you parked? or Have you ever lost your bearings in a huge car park? This device has additional applications such as locating your vehicle in case of theft or helping worried parents have their teenage children under control when they go out by car.

You can also get a GPS projector to project all the information of the most popular browsers on the market on your windscreen, like a hologram. If you use your mobile’s browser, several applications can project the information on the windscreen. You will be able to check the route without shifting your attention from the road, thus increasing safety.

Smart sunscreens are gadgets that can help you modernise your car.  These are universal sunshades that can be used during the day to avoid strong sunlight, but also at night to avoid reflections from the headlights of other vehicles. They include a UV filter for greater protection and they are easily fitted.

If your car does not have bluetooth, one of the best ways to listen to music on your mobile phone on the car’s stereo sound system is to use an FM transmitter on the lighter connector. They include screens showing the song being played and the battery level. There are also models with USB ports to charge the phone or play external files, and with a card slot. These devices also allow you to answer, reject or make calls. Another option to increase your connectivity is to incorporate a Wi-fi access point on your car. You can be connected wherever you go.

Let’s continue with the video cameras, an increasingly common gadget that -installed on the vehicle front- fulfils a double function. On the one hand, you can make videos or photographs of your journeys. But, if you are driving, please remember this should only be done by the navigator! You will have nice memories of your adventure trips, your dream holidays, or the most unforgettable scenery. On the other hand, more and more drivers decide to install a front camera as a visual aid to determine accountability in the event of a traffic accident. I hope you do not have to use it ever for that purpose!

You can also install a rear camera on the license plate frame to help you manoeuvre safely while on reverse. It increases visibility, reduces blind spots, and measures distances when parking. This kit has a camera, a wireless transmitter fitted on the boot, and a rear-view mirror with a built-in screen to see the image.

Finally, new car models already have daytime LED lights on the headlamps and front bumpers. If yours does not have them, you can install them as long as you can regulate their intensity during the day or at night, and provided their intensity can be reduced when turning on your indicators.

These are some of the devices that will make your car more technologically advanced and that will help you enjoy your vehicle even more. How many of them do you have?

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