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Specific chemical products for a complete car wash

By 27 June, 2018ISTOBAL SCHOOL
car wash chemicals

Today’s subject at ISTOBAL School is chemical products, more particularly special car care products for specific vehicle areas. You might have them at your facility. Details make all the difference. Having a wide range of car wash products for your clients is key to providing a complete quality service. Some people really pay attention to rims, others to mirrors and windows… And some also give the upholstery and the dashboard a thorough clean. Specific solutions can be found for all of them, as you can read in our blog.

Tyre polish spray

You may incorporate this product on our Combo equipment in the professional valeting area or at the jet wash stations. Specifically formulated to restore the faded look of tyres to a rich black lustre, this product makes tyres look brand new. Definitely a must if you want a totally clean car.

Rim cleaner spray

The rim cleaner spray is one of those products that meet the needs of the most demanding clients. A bad finish on the rims can certainly ruin the look of a vehicle that has just had a car wash. Our rim cleaner removes stubborn dirt from this area -one of the dirtiest, as rims and tyres are in close contact with the road, being more exposed to brake dust. The product can be applied manually, either sprayed at jet wash stations or incorporated as a pre-wash on automatic machines. Please beware it is a very strong product: it should not be used on other vehicle areas and should not be allowed to dry without rinsing it off.

Insect remover pre-wash

In summer, if you want your clients to have an impeccable car, it is important to include a pre-wash step intended to remove insects from the vehicle front. This chemical product can be applied with a low-pressure jet washer or with automatic machines using the summer programs. It softens organic dirt so that it can be easily removed during the wash. Remind your customers that it is really important to eliminate organic waste as soon as possible, as it can damage the paint.

Upholstery cleaner

And for those clients who want a complete interior cleaning service, we can offer you the ideal dry foam upholstery cleaner. The foam picks up all the dirt from the seats, and any foam excess is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Dashboard polish

Another interior cleaning classic, this dashboard product should not be missing at your facility. The product used by ISTOBAL is easy to apply and silicone-free. It leaves a protective, dirt-repelling film that makes the dashboard stay clean much longer.

Now you know a little bit more about some special products for specific vehicle areas. If you want to try any of them, do not hesitate to contact our sales staff.

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