Spa Wash: Get the best of our self-service car wash equipment

By 10 August, 20174CARLOVERS

Dear Car Lover, today we bring you a compilation of our latest posts, so you can have the best jet wash experience. We know that your car is your jewel and you love pampering it. That is why we want you to know that here at ISTOBAL, we work to offer you the best self-service car wash equipment; we are always thinking about your needs when washing your vehicle.

Car washes have evolved through history. Here at ISTOBAL, our car wash bays and jet washes have the best technology and design to offer you a spa quality wash, guaranteeing an impeccable finish in the most comfortable and effective way.

Car wash

Surely you have already washed your car in a car wash bay. One of the most important elements of pressure washing is the chemical product used at the jet wash. The foams and shampoos developed by ISTOBAL are very efficient and allow you to cover your car entirely. Thanks to its high density and moisturizing power, the product will remain on the car for longer.

Our unique range of jet washes are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers and to meet their high quality expectations. Our jet washes have a variety of wash programs to achieve excellent results. You can choose to wash with hot water, high or low pressure and with brush, among other options.

For an extrasensory self-service experience, we have foams that feature a variety of fragrances and they come in different colors, for you to enjoy your car washing time. Best of all, our foams are easy to rinse; they are biodegradable so they dissipate easily on contact with water.

In our car wash bays you can also find the necessary equipment to clean your car, inside as well as you do on the outside. The car’s dashboard, rugs and upholstery will be clean and shiny when you finish.

Bicycle Wash

At ISTOBAL we do not forget the healthiest means of transport, bicycles. The first thing to do when washing your bike is to make sure that the wash bay has a support, so that the bicycle stays stable when you apply pressurized water and foam.

When washing your bike, we recommend that you do not use high pressure water for the wheel bearings and hub. These areas are very delicate, if you use medium pressure water, you can achieve a better wash for your bike. Remember to lubricate the chain after the wash so you can enjoy a nice ride.

Motorbike Wash

As we have said on other occasions, two-wheeler drivers are very important to us. That’s why our car wash self-service equipment can also adapt to motorbikes. As with bicycles, the first thing to do when washing your motorbike is to make sure it stands safely with the sidestand resting on a smooth surface in the middle of the bay.

With motorbikes, as well as cars and other vehicles, it’s important to give a pre-wash. This way you can remove remains from the road such as insects or mud, especially on the wheels and the front of the vehicle.

The pre-wash phase is necessary to remove all kinds of dirt. It acts on three main elements, the rims, the front of the vehicle where organic matter stick while driving, ands last but not least, the traffic film. What is this film you ask? It is the layer that sets over the surface of your vehicle when driving, it consists of a mix of pollutants emitted by exhaust pipes and particles from the asphalt itself.

Remember this tip! When washing your motorbike we also recommend to avoid applying high pressure water on the control panel directly.

For the drying phase, our jet washes offer you the possibility of using manual dryers. Paper is also available to dry the mirrors or the seat.

Whether you have a car, a bicycle or a motorbike, with these simple steps, you are ready to make your self-service washing experience the best for your vehicle with ISTOBAL’S jet wash solutions.

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