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Seven reasons to “drive” the social media

By 19 July, 2016ISTOBAL SCHOOL

Social media have changed customer relations. They enable us to forge much closer and transparent links with our clients than ever before. They are a huge opportunity for both large and small companies to reach their target audience in a more effective way. Social media are here for all of us, whether you have one or fifteen carwash or service stations. That is why we encourage you to discover the seven reasons that should make you “drive” in the social media world. Are you joining us?

Sales are the first reason for you to be present. Social media allow you to create adverts with little investment targeted at segmented audiences in a more effective way than traditional advertising. This will help you achieve your goals more directly.

And with these target audiences, you can create loyalty bonds; transparency and dialogue are key. Do not forget!

You can interact with your followers by publishing content. How? You can post photographs, videos and other interesting contents that foster a dialogue with your community, which will allow you to get to know your customers.  If you get to know your audience, you will know what their interests are, and you will be able to include their needs into your product range.

Interaction turns your profile on a social network into some sort of customer care service; you can receive both positive and negative comments. What happens if I receive a negative opinion? Great! You should see it as an opportunity to answer, to be clear and to respond to criticism with your arguments.

Your social network is a powerful two-way information channel; on the one hand, as a company, you keep up-to-date about the latest news in the industry by following similar profiles.  On the other, you can give that information to your users.

Finally, the seventh reason why you should consider being part of the digital world is the fact that social media help you reach your target audience, which you could not do otherwise.

Did we convince you? For more information and to resolve your doubts, we will elaborate on this subject in short. Follow us!

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