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Car wash rollovers

Istobal is proud to introduce the ISTOBAL M’NEX24 Contour Max. The M24 is an extremely efficient, high-pressure contouring touch free rollover. They have combined photo cell and modern software to create exceptional vehicle mapping technology. This technology enables the M24 to profile the vehicle and keep the high pressure nozzles approximately one foot from the vehicle’s surfaces. The contouring ability also creates the industry’s most penetrating presoak applications.

The strategic stacking of presoak, conditioners, high pressure and spot free rinse nozzles creates a flexible platform that produces not only industry leading clean cars, but does so in less passes. Istobal’s “Screen @ Access” internet based two way communication system connects operators and service personnel directly to the machine’s operating and controls system. This allows remote resets, programming and wash information in real time via internet connection.

Revenue enhancing tri color foam, conditioners, targeted multiple technology wheel and rocker panel blasters, giving you multiple wash programs capability and maximum revenues! The ISTOBAL M’NEX24 Contour Max =’s Performance + Productivity and Profitability!

car wash machine


car wash machine

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car wash machine

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