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The ISTOBAL FLEX5 Hybrid in 3 or 5 brush configuration adds high pressure options to the machine so you can command a higher wash price and ensure the complete satisfaction of your customers. Wash packages are highly customizable to allow some washes to have the HP option with friction or friction only.

The ISTOBAL FLEX5 Hybrid also allows the optional on-board contouring dryer to be installed which provides customers a high quality wash experience from start to finish.


  • Customization. 19 different colors are available for ISTOBAL FLEX5
  • On-board lighted signs and pictograms. The perfect option to indicate the different ISTOBAL FLEX5 wash phases.
  • Vinyl wrap: We have many standard options available but can also create custom designs for a truly unique machine. We use high quality vinyl designed for autos, boats, and RV’s so it’s made to withstand the elements and provide amazing branding opportunities.
  • Link-it brushes: You can choose up to three different materials (alone or in combination) and in different colors. The Link-it brush system is the same washing material used in Istobal machines located in many new car manufacturing plants including Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Standard Features

  • 2 Year Parts Warranty
  • Remote Screen Access
  • Link-It Patented Washing Material
  • Amp Sensing Brush Control
  • Variable Speed – Any Pass
  • Virtual Positioning
  • 7” Programming Touch Screen
  • Energy Efficient – All Electric

Optional Features

  • Lighted Infinite Mousse
  • Extended Height
  • HP Wheel and Rocker vtBlaster
  • Positioning by Voice
  • Lighted Guide Rails
  • On board Marketing Lights
  • Multiple Dryer Styles
  • Multiple High Pressure Options
  • Brushed-In Wax Option



Comunications System & Payment Terminals

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