3 Brushes

It’s just a matter of flexibility

Car wash rollovers

3 Brushes

rollovers flex5


  • The horizontal brush travel is accomplished with variable speed drive system. The vertical brushes tilt 10 degrees while washing for a better cleaning along the upper areas of the car.
  • Flexible configuration to customize programs, pass speeds, and product control.
  • Patented Link-it brush system: available in link-foam material and in 17 colors.
  • Many different chemical options for a perfect finish.
  • Maximum customization flexibility: 19 colors available, large variety of fairings, on-board lighted signs and pictograms.


  • Customization. 19 different colors are available for ISTOBAL FLEX5
  • On-board lighted signs and pictograms. The perfect option to indicate the different ISTOBAL FLEX5 wash phases.
  • Vinyl wrap: We have many standard options available but can also create custom designs for a truly unique machine. We use high quality vinyl designed for autos, boats, and RV’s so it’s made to withstand the elements and provide amazing branding opportunities.
  • Link-it brushes: You can choose up to three different materials (alone or in combination) and in different colors. The Link-it brush system is the same washing material used in Istobal machines located in many new car manufacturing plants including Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Standard Features

  • 2 Year Parts Warranty
  • Remote Screen Access
  • Link-It Patented Washing Material
  • Amp Sensing Brush Control
  • Variable Speed – Any Pass
  • Virtual Positioning
  • 7” Programming Touch Screen
  • Energy Efficient – All Electric

Optional Features

  • Lighted Infinite Mousse
  • Extended Height
  • HP Wheel and Rocker vtBlaster
  • Positioning by Voice
  • Lighted Guide Rails
  • On board Marketing Lights
  • Multiple Dryer Styles
  • Multiple High Pressure Options
  • Brushed-In Wax Option



Comunications System & Payment Terminals

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