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Designed to transform the car wash world- Car wash rollovers

Your needs are our command. The effectiveness and reliability typical of the ISTOBAL M’NEX range is now paralleled by the revolutionary FLEX5 rollover. The ISTOBAL FLEX5 was developed and patented by ISTOBAL’s R&D department for maximum versatility and no limits.

The ISTOBAL FLEX5 can meet our customers’ present and future needs because if needs change in your car wash facility, your car wash machine can change with them.

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The ISTOBAL FLEX5 platform allows an operator who needs additional speed to add 2 brushes to the 3 brush configuration. The additional brushes offer up to a 30% reduction in wash and dry times compared to a 3 brush machine alone.

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The FLEX5 3 brush configuration offers the ability to easily customize programs, speed and dosing. Transformation to a 5 brush machine can take as little as one day.

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rollovers flex5
rollovers flex5


The ISTOBAL FLEX5 Hybrid in 3 or 5 brush configuration adds high pressure options to the machine so you can command a higher wash price and ensure the complete satisfaction of your customers.

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The most versatile machine in the Industry, the ISTOBAL FLEX5 Combo. In this configuration, the ISTOBAL FLEX5 Combo can be either 3 or 5 brushes and includes the same contouring rotating top and oscillating side high pressure components used on the ISTOBAL FLEX5 Touch-free.

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The ISTOBAL FLEX5 Touch-free is configured without brushes to provide the industry’s best level of touch free cleaning.

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