Quality car wash

Looking into getting a quality car wash?

On the list of things that should be kept clean, your customer’s car is no exception. There are many things they take into consideration when looking into getting a quality car wash, with safety and cleanliness being at the top of the list. Your consumers are your livelihood, so you want them to have access to high quality materials that make their vehicle shine. As a business owner, you should be able to tell them that the equipment is safe, efficient, and recommended by your professional staff. At ISTOBAL, we make sure that’s possible. Keep reading for more insight on what your consumers might expect.

Value Meets Quality

A business’s reputation is very important. At ISTOBAL, we have the experience and reputation that you’re looking for. We distribute our products to more than 75 countries worldwide and have a comprehensive list of services that are available to you. With the equipment that we provide, you can give your consumers the quality car wash that they’re seeking. We make you happy, so you can make them happy.

Here at ISTOBAL, we strive to provide you with value and convenience. Since our first machine in 1950, we have been researching, developing and innovating solutions making us one of today’s leaders in the car care industry. We have developed a streamlined approach to your consumer’s quality car wash needs.

Equipment that Meets Quality Car Wash Needs

Outside of technical experience, ISTOBAL can provide durable car care equipment and exceptional customer assistance. Whether you require assistance with purchasing car wash equipment, installing it, maintaining it, or merely need technical support, our trained staff is here to help you.

Among the various equipment that we offer, is a tunnel car wash. These types of machines move around your vehicle. They pass across the front, around the sides, across the back and over the top; this allows for a thorough clean safe for any automobile.

Part of having a quality car wash doesn’t just mean giving your customers the best wash for their money, it almost means being able to service an array of vehicles. At ISTOBAL, we have made it our priority to manufacture solutions for not just cars and trucks but trains and busses as well. For example:

  • ISTOBAL HW´TRAIN&TRAM: This automatic and professional wash provides quality cleaning for your consumer’s rolling transport. It has seven types of wash programs and guarantees a thorough rinse. We’ve worked hard to make quality washing available to businesses such as public transportation, and not just individual consumers.
  • ISTOBAL HW´MONOROLL: Many businesses have fleets that they need washed. By implementing our equipment into your business, you can offer your customers an unprecedented clean that they haven’t seen before. A wash with the HW’MONOROLL is approximately 10 minutes and fully motorized; you can provide your customers with a full-service wash before they finish a coffee. As a plus, the HW’MONOROLL is not only an excellent solution for fleets but busses and motorhomes as well.
  • ISTOBAL HW´PROGRESS: This equipment is the most versatile for washing trucks & buses. It includes the best technological developments currently demanded by transport professionals and has available many options for guaranteeing the best results.

There are car washes everywhere, and making sure that your business can accommodate all of your customers’ needs is what will set you apart from your competition. The average household owns between two and three vehicles, and these aren’t always cars. There are mini-vans, SUV’s, motorhomes, and more that need to be considered. ISTOBAL designs most of their equipment with vehicle wash height and vehicle width options so you can choose which dimensions fit your customers best.

Quality Means Listening

Since 1950, we’ve been building our experience and listening to our consumers.

Choosing to have your car professionally cleaned is a smart decision, but wanting to have it professionally cleaned by a business that is supported by us is an even smarter one. We work hard at ISTOBAL to provide you and your customers with everything they need for a quality car wash. Assure your customers that they can breathe easy because cleaning solutions made for professionals are taking care of their needs.

Remind your customers that having their car washed by a professional is good for the environment, saves them time, and works to protect their vehicle.