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New jet wash accessories for an enhanced user experience

By 26 April, 2018ISTOBAL SCHOOL
jet wash accessories

Surprising users with new jet wash features and technological developments is key to making a difference and achieving customer loyalty. That is why ISTOBAL continues developing new accessories intended to bring further comfort and fun to the car wash process. In previous articles, we already presented accessories for motorbikes and bicycles and for night-time car washing. Today, we would like to add three more items to be used at your car wash bays.

ISTOBAL children’s gun

The new children’s gun has been developed to promote car wash culture with kids and for families to share the car wash experience. The gun is smaller than the usual one, 15 centimetres smaller, and it is also lighter. Very easy to handle, it works with mains water -no high pressure or chemicals- which makes it absolutely safe for children. It can be switched on from the payment terminal provided credit is available on the wash bay. Once the button is pressed, you just have to press the trigger to start the wash. The gun is incompatible with the osmotized water final rinse. It is automatically switched off at that point. This prevents limescale residue from forming on your car due to the use of the children’s gun and mains water. Besides, the gun can easily be turned off from the same button on the payment terminal. It just needs to be pressed again to deactivate it and continue with the main gun.

Pressure regulating gun

We have also developed a new gun with a pressure regulator. Consisting of a small dial, this device is fitted on the gun handle and allows the user to regulate the pressure of the lance. The user can then adjust water pressures to wash the vehicle in a more comfortable way.

On-bay air freshener

The air freshener system has been designed for users to notice a fresh smell when they arrive at the wash bay. A proximity sensor triggers the fragrance sprayer when a vehicle is detected, creating a clean and fresh environment.

These three optional extras will allow your clients to enjoy your jet wash service to the full and, most importantly, your clients will certainly appreciate a facility where their carwash experience is both fun and pleasant… No doubt they will come back…

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