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New features in state-of-the-art rollovers

By 31 July, 2018ISTOBAL SCHOOL
rollovers features

This week we would like to talk about some of the new features we have added to our range of state-of-the-art rollovers. Three new options whereby we have improved the performance of our automatic rollovers for a quicker wash and dry , flawless results even in the most difficult to reach parts of your vehicle, and an increasingly more convenient, intuitive car wash experience for our users. This is the new additional rear waxing circuit, the innovative chemical rim pre-wash and the latest stainless steel lit-up centring guides. These three options confer added value to the models in our ISTOBAL M’NEX and ISTOBAL FLEX5 ranges.

Rear waxing system

Rear waxing means the machine can carry out fast, single pass wash and dry programs. How? By means of an additional waxing circuit, the rollover can wash and wax in a single pass, while on the return pass, the drying system uses the vehicle profile it has previously recorded by the horizontal brush for the drying process. This means that only two passes are required in this fast wash and dry program.

Foamy chemical rim pre-wash

This new chemical pre-wash system, combined with our wheel-wash systems is highly effective to remove any stubborn dirt on wheel rims. Its high foam-producing capacity and the special design of the nozzles enable the chemical products to cover the entire surface, allowing it to penetrate and stay on the rim for longer. A new feature to achieve a perfect finish on one of the parts of the vehicle that are most difficult to wash.

Stainless steel lit-up centring guides

Another step forward in our LED centring guides. Made from stainless steel, these guides light up the track making it easier to position your vehicle. They are more durable, making it easier to position your car properly on the guides, and achieve higher impact in the facility.

Ongoing design improvements and developing new options to make the most of our rollovers are fundamental for our R&D team, leading to systems such as these to complete your wash facility.

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