M’NEX32 automatic car wash: our jewel that best cares for yours

By 3 May, 20174CARLOVERS

This week we are sharing with you a collection of photos of the M’NEX32, our newer and technologically upgraded automatic car wash. If you pay attention, the rollover is not the only thing standing out  in the image, is it? Look at the amazing cars that come to our car wash station in Alzira. We installed our lastest models and innovations in the car wash world in this facility, and we are glad to see that the owners of these owesome cars have put their full trust in them in order to keep their jewels in perfect conditions.

In particular, the new M’NEX32 automatic car wash is our high-end machine to be launched to the market this summer. It includes many technological upgrades and optional extras that will certainly impress you. Among them, it is worth mentioning the new Multi-Disk wheel wash, that excells at removing the dirt even in inaccessible rim areas, the LED screens that highlights the different washing phases, the centring guides with LED lighting and the spectacular Infinite mousse arch,  an esens® foam waterfall that provides a really amazing experience. As stunning as these cars that come to test our innovative facilities!


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