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Major social media for your company

By 7 September, 2016ISTOBAL SCHOOL

In our latest post we already described some of the advantages to consider for owners of a carwash facility when introducing their company on social media.

The question that comes to mind next is, what social media should I be present on? Creating a corporate account in one, two or three of them depends on your goals as a business. To make the right decision, here are some key pieces of information about the best known social media.

Let’s talk about Facebook. It is an extremely powerful network and it really allows you to reach your target. Creating a corporate page is very easy and you can do it from your user profile. Bear in mind it should be easy to find. To facilitate searches, ask for a web address when you set up the page. For example: https://www.facebook.com/istobal.com. If you have any doubts, Facebook has a tutorial.

What do your customers have in common? What are their needs? What is their social profile? Facebook is a tool that allows you to identify them in a straightforward way. It is very important to interact with those following the page. They will share information about you with their friends!

To achieve this, always answer the messages they send, be consistent with your posts to keep a relationship with your followers, and share exciting news as part of your branding strategy to motivate them. Finally, remember that this well-known social network also allows you to sponsor and create low-investment publications to reach those you are really interested in. Facebook also has a tutorial on how to create an advert.

Twitter is the second generalist social networking service. It is a very effective tool and can really generate a lot of traffic to your website and the most important sections for your business, such as sales. And you can launch campaigns as a way of reaching target users. Besides, you can use it to directly contact those interested in your business, via direct messages or by being quoted in a twit. They will probably ask you about your services or products: you can answer using the same channel.

Both social media share two features: the profile must be easy to find, and they both allow you to know who your clients are (always reply to their messages, share stories, and be consistent).

As you probably know, you can only use 140 characters on Twitter while this does not apply to Facebook. Twitter is more focused on ‘last-minute’ information, with users finding the latest news anywhere in the world.

The third social network to consider is YouTube. It is not a generalist network but a specialist one, as its basic material is video. At present it is Spain’s second search engine after Google. Watching videos on the Internet is a growing trend. However YouTube continues to go unnoticed by many companies as part of their marketing strategies.

To create a channel, you only need a Gmail address. Again, it should be easy to find and you should meet the same requirements as with the other two media. Marketing Directo has a list with six good reasons to start using this social network to sell your services.

And finally, you should also be familiar with LinkedIn. Basically, it is a platform mainly used for professionally networking: finding a job, contacting suppliers and collaborators… And it offers the possibility of boosting your brand. It is really business-oriented. It is not focused on personal aspects and it is not purely informative either.

LinkedIn has a number of very powerful tools that facilitate contact with the companies you might be interested in. For example, one of its functionalities allows users to create dedicated groups to be up-to-date in different subjects, resolve professional doubts with experts… If your company is expert on something, you can set up a discussion group within your market niche.

Bear this in mind because the growth of this tool is  meteoric (over a million new users in less than a year) and Spain in particular is one of the countries with the highest growth, according to the blog Ciudadano 2.0.

But when it comes to creating a strategy and contents to sell on the Internet, there are no fixed rules. Something is clear, though. Social media provide you with knowledge about your clients and their needs, and they allow you to contact them more directly.

What social media should you be on?

For more information, see: Facebook y Twitter.

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