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ISTOBAL, standing by COTIF for more than 30 years

By 27 July, 20174CARLOVERS, cotif

For the past 30 years, when summer starts, ISTOBAL’s passion for football comes back to life, not only at the firm but throughout L’Alcúdia county. COTIF Championship is synonymous with hard work and excellence. It is an opportunity to see  talented young people who might become football stars one day. ISTOBAL has always been linked to football in L’Alcúdia. Outdoors, at the factory, where we now test and improve our car wash machines, there used to be football pitches where L’Alcúdia FC played.

When COTIF began to take shape in 1983, we did not hesitate to support the initiative. It has now become not only an international sporting event but also the perfect venue for people from different countries and cultures to come together and share the experience.

COTIF is targeted at all of L’Alcúdia and, for ISTOBAL, it is much more than football. Everybody looks forward to it, to enjoying the event with their families and friends, and they all relish the prospect of having a ‘bocadillo blanco y negro’ (white and black sausage sandwich) or grilled meat, and a very cold drink, having a good time on the hot summer nights of Valencia.

Many COTIF memories are shared at ISTOBAL, like the one about the beds purchased from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics to be able to host the championship in 1993. Yes, it was the same beds on which Olympic medallists slept. They were used to welcome COTIF participants from all over the world.

ISTOBAL’s support to COTIF has been ongoing during all these years. Several workers and former employees of the company, such as Luis Ros, Luis Palop, Joaquín Lloris, Aurelio Real, Valentín Calvo, Pepe Vendrell and Rigoberto Lli, were involved in the organisation of the tournament. This year, the Management of ISTOBAL wants to take another step ahead and sponsor the tournament of the little ones: COTIF Promesas ISTOBAL. The values inherent to sports that are passed on to children are actually the values that ISTOBAL shares with its workers, collaborators, and clients. Improvement, commitment, talent, teamwork… They are all fundamental qualities for personal and professional development.

And we do not only share these ideals with COTIF; we also share a our determination to be internationalised and grow beyond our borders. COTIF surpasses expectations year after year in terms of visibility and international impact. Russia, Mauritania, Kenya, Brazil, the United States and Morocco are just some of the international teams that will play in the tournament this year. The importance of the championship has always attracted the best under-20 players, many of them are now football stars playing for national and international clubs.

ISTOBAL has also grown over the past 65 years: the small repair shop run by Mr Ismael Tomás Alacreu in 1950 has become a multinational group and is among the car-wash leaders in Europe. The company is present in more than 75 countries around the world.

But neither of us forget how it all started in L’Alcúdia, a town that has seen us grow, evolve and improve every day to become national and international references in our respective fields.

Let’s hope for many more years of collaboration, football, coexistence and good times. Let’s welcome COTIF 2017!

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