Istobal reduces water consumption by 45% in automatic car-wash systems for commercial vehicles

By 22 March, 2016NEWS

ISTOBAL has reduced water consumption by 45% in automatic car-wash systems for commercial vehicles.

Model PROGRESS for commercial vehicles uses a 75% higher water pressure during the most critical wash phase consumption-wise: the pressure wash. In addition to having better results in the final quality, water consumption is considerably reduced.

ISTOBAL supports the World Water Day initiative with the ongoing development of sustainable car-wash solutions aimed at saving water and energy and reducing environmental impacts.

ISTOBAL’s car-wash systems minimise water and chemical product use by means of accurate dosing devices and water treatment equipment.

The Company has developed a new water treatment and water recycling system using MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor; membrane filtration technology).  This system has been specifically developed for the car-wash sector. The resulting recycling rate is very high (up to 85% for rollovers), the effluent conforming to standards for disposal into public waterways.

ISTOBAL’s new AVANT range for manual jet washes is also noteworthy, with water and chemical product savings of up to 33% thanks to its low-pressure and low-flow rate operation in some programs, car-wash quality being unaffected.

The reduction in the use of chemicals in achieved by means of a patented dosing system which allows the chemical product used in the wash process to be individually supplied at each bay. Thus, in a 4-bay jet wash, 75% reductions in chemical products are achieved when only one bayis running.

Another product by ISTOBAL contributing to lower water consumption and contamination minimisation is the esens® range of car-wash concentrates. ESENS is a line of biodegradable products with maximum yield and the highest number of washes with minimum consumption.