ISTOBAL recycles more than 130 tons of raw materials from car wash machines every year

By 5 June, 2017NEWS

ISTOBAL is strongly committed to developing environmentally-friendly technologies. Thanks to their Restyle line -developed through ISTOBAL MetalWorks– the company recycles more than 130 tons of raw materials from car wash machines every year. ISTOBAL is able to extend the life of its machines by remodelling and recycling, saving 130,000 kg worth of steel sheet, aluminium, copper, motors and other electrical and electronic components.

Parts replacement, structure recovery treatments, and upgrades with new optional items allow ISTOBAL to offer a second life to machines that would otherwise be discarded and sent to scrap. Maximum reliability and a competitive price are not jeopardised.  France, Spain and the United Kingdom are the most popular markets for recycled machines, an environmental trend that has grown in recent years.

A pioneer in developing technologies that reduce water and energy consumption

In addition to this line of work with a focus on the environment, ISTOBAL is leading a constant effort in R&D to develop advanced solutions in water treatment and technologies that reduce water, energy and chemical product use.

In the last edition of Autopromotec in Bologna, the Spanish company displayed, for the first time, an aerothermal heating boiler to be used at jet washes. This equipment saves up to 75% power compared to electric heaters, and 60% compared to gas boilers. This sustainable and efficient system also reduces maintenance and has a lower environmental impact thanks to the use of renewable energy and the absence of combustion and smoke emission.

Another sustainable car wash solution is the hydrocarbon separator, a technology that reduces hydrocarbons by 94% in the water used in wash processes.

Similarly, ISTOBAL’s last-generation rollovers use 40% less water that former ones thanks to new, less-absorbing materials used in brushes and the better distribution of the water circulation circuit, among other technologies. For commercial vehicles, automatic wash machines incorporate the company’s latest innovations, reducing water consumption by 45% by increasing water pressure in the most critical wash phase, consumption-wise.

ISTOBAL also uses innovative recycling systems which help reuse 85% of the water used in each service. Likewise, the super-concentrated chemical product line developed by ISTOBAL, esens®, reduces CO2 emissions by 80% and hardly generates any waste into the environment.