ISTOBAL presents the first flexible and versatile rollover in The Car Wash Show Las Vegas

By 3 April, 2017NEWS

ISTOBAL will present at The Car Show Las Vegas, the FLEX5, the first flexible rollover with greater washing capacity and productivity. Through its subsidiary ISTOBAL USA Corporation, the Spanish firm will participate in the show -held from 4 to 6 April- to present its latest car wash innovations adapted to the American market.

Innovations will include its flexible rollover FLEX5, which switches from three to five brushes (and vice versa), to adapt to needs at the car wash without changing machines. By incorporating more brushes, a greater number of services is possible, responding to demand peaks.

This rollover is targeted at all types of customers -oil companies, dealers or private car wash stations, etc.- needing faster wash processes.

Conforming to US regulations and adapted to American vehicle features, FLEX5 offers different wash types: by friction only 8brush wash), hybrid (incorporating high pressure to friction for a thorough wash) and combined function (with a choice between the above options or a completely touchless wash using high pressures and chemical prewashes only).

During The Car Wash Show Las Vegas, ISTOBAL will also demonstrate a rollover designed to meet the needs of car dealers, fleets and workshops. With a easy operation, the M1 is a competitive machine that stands out for its durability and a quality finish.

It has a wide range of options, such as on-board or external integrated dryer, wheelwash, external injection of chemical products, and a spot-free rinse. The M1 can also be used as a polishing machine with the foam brushes developed by ISTOBAL. And it is possible to install stand-alone arches for the application of the chemicals, whether these are for a prewash before reaching the rollover, or waxes for subsequent application.

At The Car Wash Show Las Vegas, ISTOBAL will also present a new tire-shiner for tunnels and rollovers: T’Shiner, a system that ensures a lasting shine thanks to a brush with soft polypropylene bristles.

ISTOBAL announces Ian Burton as new North American Director of Sales

Coinciding with The Car Wash Show, ISTOBAL USA, CEO, Jimmy Sisk, announces the appointment of Ian Burton as the new North American Director of Sales. Ian Burton will assume responsibilities effective April, 1st 2017. In this position, he will be responsible for further developing sales, customer service, and nurturing direct sales relationships. As a key member of the management team, Burton will develop and execute new strategies and initiatives that expand distributor and brand penetration in North America.

Burton is a veteran of the wash industry having worked in many capacities for various manufacturers and distributors and most recently worked at PD McLaren Limited, Canada. “Ian’s career includes over 20 years in the Vehicle Wash Industry. He brings a diverse background from both a manufacturer and distributors perspective that makes him the perfect candidate. We look forward to Ian’s arrival at such a vital time when ISTOBAL is seeing consistent growth in North America” explained Mr. Sisk.

US, the third largest export market

For the ISTOBAL Group, the United States is a key growing market. In fact, the US is currently the third largest export market for ISTOBAL, its turnover rising 30% last year.

ISTOBAL has a subsidiary in the US since 2009 and its first manufacturing and assembly plant was set up in 2011 in Bristol (Virginia). With 10,000 m2, the plant meets specific demands in the US market.