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ISTOBAL presents its latest innovations at The Car Wash Show 2018 and offers the chance to meet Mario Andretti as Andretti Petroleum Group partner

By 16 April, 2018NEWS
The Car Wash Show 2018

ISTOBAL will present its latest innovations adapted to the American market at The Car Wash Show Las Vegas 2018 and will offer the chance to meet the racing driver icon Mario Andretti, in celebration of the Group’s recent alliance with Andretti Petroleum Group.

From the 26th to 28th of April and through its US subsidiary, the Spanish company will attend this show to consolidate its presence in dealership and commercial vehicle sectors and to stimulate car wash growth in service stations.  The United States is a key growing market for ISTOBAL and the company expects to continue growing in both the automatic rollover and the truck wash segments.

During The Car Wash Show, ISTOBAL will display the revolutionary ISTOBAL FLEX5, the first rollover in the market that has the ability to increase car wash demands without changing machines. This transformable rollover is very versatile and can be adapted as needs change in the car business. The machine can transform from 3 to 5 brushes (or vice versa) in just 1 working day to increase capacity and throughput at the facility.

Targeted to all types of customers needing faster wash processes, the ISTOBAL FLEX5 offers five different types of washes: 3 brush configuration, 5 brush configuration (providing up to a 30% reduction in wash and dry times), hybrid (by adding high pressure to the machine), touch free (configured without brushes) and combo (allowing customers to choose the wash they want: friction with 3 or 5 brushes, touch free or a combination of both). Currently, this is the most popular ISTOBAL rollover in the US market, particularly in the 5 brush configuration due to its speed and wash quality.

At The Car Wash Show Las Vegas, ISTOBAL will also show the most competitive rollover for car and fleet dealers and workshops. With an easy operation, the ISTOBAL M’1 model stands out as well for its durability and offers a quality wash with a low investment.

An innovative tire shiner for tunnels and rollovers will also be on display at the show. This system ensures a lasting shine thanks to a brush with soft polypropylene bristles, which conforms to the shape of any tire evenly, applies the dressing. The patented “tire dressing capture and reclaim” system makes the ISTOBAL T’Shiner use up to 66% less dressing than other tire shiners.

Mario Andretti autograph session at ISTOBAL booth

ISTOBAL will have a special guest at booth 3613 during The Car Wash Show 2018, in acknowledgement of its alliance with Andretti Petroleum Group. Its chairman, the racing driver icon Mario Andretti, who has an active participation in this collaboration, will be in attendance at the ISTOBAL booth on April 26 to give an autograph session from 1 to 3 pm.

ISTOBAL has recently partnered with Andretti Petroleum Group to provide car wash equipment to their company locations and dealer stores in the USA market. Andretti Petroleum Group is standardizing ISTOBAL equipment at company stores, and offering value added opportunities to its dealer network. Within this partnership, several ISTOBAL FLEX5 rollovers are already operating in California and Oregon with additional units to come.