ISTOBAL increased R&D&i investments by 50% over the past five years

By 21 December, 2016NEWS

ISTOBAL increased R&D&i investments by 50% over the past five years.

The Valencian company is a pioneer in the development of technologies focused on efficiency, safety, quality, cost effectiveness, and the environment. Its designs include 30 registered patents which account for just a small share of its innovations.

ISTOBAL is above the Spanish and European average R&D investment, according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. From 2012 to 2015, Spain’s R&D investment reached 1.25% of its GDP, Europe’s 2.03%, and ISTOBAL’s 2.14%, for the same period.

This year, ISTOBAL allocated over 2.4 million Euros to R&D&i while investment in 2012 came to 1.6 million Euros. Figures have steadily risen year after year, the growing trend continuing in coming years based on the company’s commitment to improving vehicle care holistically, adding value to car wash equipment, and minimising environmental impacts.

In 2016 ISTOBAL filed five applications for new patents.

Over the past year, the company from Valencia developed numerous innovations and filed five patent applications, altogether totalling 30 patented developments.

One of its technological innovations is a revolutionary multi-disk wheelwash brush that reaches all grooves on rims and ensures optimum cleaning results -unlike standard brushes- thanks to eight satellite brushes that spin independently.

To improve safety, ISTOBAL has filed a patent application for a specific system that ensures the safe assembly of commercial vehicle wash equipment.

Regarding innovations that contribute to equipment savings and environmental protection, ISTOBAL has presented its mono-dosing valves for jet washes, controlling the pace and amount of product dosing in line with the requirements of each individual program on the bays in operation. The system simplifies the dosing of chemical products, supplying the exact amounts needed and allowing the carwash owner to save in equipment costs.

As for innovations targeted at end users, ISTOBAL has developed a virtual assistant who advises customers about the best wash program in a personalised way, based on their needs and preference and on the vehicle’s dirt level. A fragrance-injection system during the automatic wash gives users a fragrance choice with different scents to improve the carwash experience if they so wish.