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ISTOBAL explained the keys to success in the carwash sector at Uniti Expo 2016

By 1 July, 2016NEWS

ISTOBAL explained the keys to success in the carwash sector at Uniti Expo 2016, the German trade fair.

Ignacio Verdés, ISTOBAL’s Key Account Manager, talked about the major axes of the carwash business. In his view, efforts should be made to “attract new customers, strengthen their loyalty and increase the average number of washes”.

To appeal new clients, Verdés considers modern facilities with a quality service to be essential. In this respect, he emphasised the use of efficient carwash solutions with good results and with trained and friendly staff, combined with social media.

As regards user loyalty, Verdés referred to the use of traditional vouchers and loyalty and gift cards as major tools.

And to increase the average number of washes, he pointed out that user-friendly carwash facilities are a priority, offering speed and a wide range of services in which rest areas also play an important role.


The new market trends are jet-wash sophistication and sustainability, and mobile phone payment

At Uniti Expo, ISTOBAL’s Managing Director, Rafael Tomás, commented on new market trends. In his opinion, these are a focus on more sophisticated and suitable jet washes, and being able to pay with a mobile phone.

For Tomás, the carwash sector mainly operates in high-end and low-cost facilities, with the ‘middle class’ having a smaller market share. He referred to the increase in the launch of more and more sophisticated machines based on technical developments and with better results. Economical solutions offering an acceptable finish continue having a niche in the market, said the Managing Director of ISTOBAL, but they are not so relevant.

Concerning the consequences of climate change and water restrictions, Rafael Tomás believes carwash facilities need to be more sustainable by recycling the water used in each wash and reducing energy, water and chemical product consumption.

ISTOBAL presented its latest developments in the European market

ISTOBAL’s Managing Director positively talked about the Company’s debut in the event, where they presented their latest innovations to the European market.

According to Rafael Tomás, “the developments presented have been very well received by the sector given the innovation, efficiency, quality and sustainability of our carwash solutions”.

In this regard, he mentioned the first flexible rollover FLEX5, and Connect-a, the new payment terminal with a personal assistant, which offers a personalised, intuitive carwash experience thanks to its high technology and modern payment systems.

Other flagship products were the new esens® line of biodegradable carwash concentrates, the new AVANT jet wash, which reduces the use of water, electricity and chemical products, and the alternative to conventional water heating: thermodynamic plates. The efficiency of thermodynamic plates is 30% higher than that of standard solar panels, and electricity savings come to more than 80% compared to electric boilers or heat pumps, this meaning a reduction in operating costs of up to 95%.