ISTOBAL awarded by FEMEVAL for its international activity

By 25 November, 2016NEWS
Foreign trade award

ISTOBAL, Spain’s leading company in the design, manufacture and marketing of carwash and car-care solutions has been awarded the Foreign Trade Prize by the 15th edition of the awards of the Valencian Metallurgical Business Federation (FEMEVAL).

The prize rewards ISTOBAL for its commitment to internationalisation, its strong international presence and export performance, and for the successful diversification of its business areas, which has positioned the company as the second firm in the European sector. With 8 subsidiaries in Europe and 2 in the US and Brazil, the company exports to more than 75 countries worldwide, and its sales abroad account for 80% of its turnover.

The jury of the FEMEVAL Awards underlined ISTOBAL’s strong marketing strategy, which has been key to its expansion, contributing to the promotion of Spain’s brand abroad and being an example of an internationally successful Valencian family company. Set up in 1950, the company has more than 800 employees. Last year, its consolidated turnover amounted to 117 million Euro.

During the awards ceremony, the CEOs of ISTOBAL, Rafael Tomás and Yolanda Tomás expressed their gratitude for the prize, which acknowledges ISTOBAL’s defence of innovation and development of comprehensive solutions, meeting needs and demands in each international market. The company is focused on end-users to enhance their experience and customer satisfaction.

The FEMEVAL Awards offer recognition to business activities in metal-sector companies. Their purpose is to encourage, promote and boost their modernisation, and to reward them for adapting to market needs, requirements and demands.

Held last night, the 15th edition of the FEMEVAL Awards was chaired by the President of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencia’s regional government), Ximo Puig, with a great many representatives of the Valencian institutional, political, business and professional scene.