Hyperloop UPV continues pursuing dream about transport in the future

By 15 November, 2016Hyperloop, NEWS

The Hyperloop UPV  team -the winner of the award to the best design and best propulsion system in the competition organised by Space X to devise our transport in the future- continues working to make their amazing idea about a rail-free hyperloop come true.

The next milestone in the contest launched by Elon Musk will take place in January in California, where the team from the Makers Community of the Polytechnic University of Valencia will prove that their design can be taken to the practice. Starting with five students who developed the original design, the Hyperloop UPV project now involves more than 30 people.

Eager to prove the world that their magnetic levitation train works, the team is trying to find support from companies like ISTOBAL to turn a new supersonic means of transport fuelled by 100% renewable energy into a reality.