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A fully resourced operation behind ISTOBAL’s Technical Service

By 4 December, 2018ISTOBAL SCHOOL

A few weeks ago we told you what day-to-day life is like for our technical staff in our Technical Assistance Service (TAS). The most visible face of the fully resourced technological and human operation behind ISTOBAL’s Technical Service, they ensure the fastest and most effective service possible for any maintenance issue or operation. Today we want to tell you about some of the key factors enabling us to have one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced technical departments for car wash equipment in the world.

Call Centre or Service Centre

In most cases initial contact is made through the Call Centre or Service Centre available in all our subsidiaries. This team is the first port-of-call for the customer, collecting and managing any issues or requests, along with other operations.

Support Team

Our field technicians are also in contact with a technical support and remote assistance team at central office, which provides help and attention for any incident or maintenance task needed for the car wash equipment.

Service quality indicators

Another key part of the background operation behind our technicians is the service quality indicators. We continually monitor the service we provide, such as response times, the first-fix or initial repair index and up-time, the percentage of time that our customers’ machines are operational and working. The sole purpose of this monitoring is permanent improvement of our maintenance and repair service and making sure that our customers’ machines are available for the maximum time possible, so their business runs smoothly.

New technological tools

Another key factor is the continual improvement in technological management tools and applications that keeps us one step ahead when it comes to digitisation for optimising our service. Our technicians work with portable devices for maximum mobility and easy access to all documentation. We also work on optimising stock and spare parts in order to improve our first-fix, and on new graphical tools to make it easier and more intuitive to read data.

This is how we keep moving forward and investing in connectivity and new technologies, not only for our car wash equipment but also when improving its maintenance.

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