A few tips to know when your car needs a good wash

By 7 September, 20174CARLOVERS
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Let’s start September and let’s go back to normal with a bit of fun and a couple of visual tips to know if your car needs to go back to normal too (that is, if it needs a good wash!) after the summer. Relax! We know you just returned: we are all a little confused after the holidays but the feeling only lasts a couple of days. Don’t worry, you’ll get over!

But let’s get to it. We would like to help you identify whether your check list for the week should include a car wash. Here are a few tips and a few photographs.

Tip 1: Is the front of your vehicle covered with a mosquito layer that prevents you from seeing what colour your car actually is?


Tip 2: Any messages written on the car windows?


Tip 3: Were your tyre rims silver before hitting the road? Do you remember?


Tip 4: The windscreen wipers no longer work properly. You can’t even drive back home.


Tip 5: You went on a holiday with the kids. Judging by the car interiors, it was a safari.


Tip 6: The build-up of dirt and dust on your car make you wonder whether ‘brown’ is the new trend.


If you said YES to just one of the above questions or statements, or if your car looks like those in the pictures, you shouldn’t have any doubts: go to your usual car wash today and treat your car to a good wash! We hope these tips helped you recognise the degree of dirt on your vehicle.  We hope everything goes well when you go back to work and that your ‘post-holiday blues’ are soon over.

Is your car or your neighbour’s as dirty as those in the pictures? Share your comments with us!

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