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Environmentally friendly and smart solutions to heat water at your jet wash

By 29 March, 2018ISTOBAL SCHOOL
jet wash

World Environment Day was celebrated this month, so we would like to present in more detail our aerothermal heating boiler for jet wash facilities. This solution is not only environmentally friendly; it is also economical, which is key for your car wash business.  The energy savings brought out by this system will be most appreciated in your electricity bill.

With this technology, water can be heated up to 60°C for the shampoo program or even the wax one in colder countries, saving 60% power if compared to a gas or oil boiler, and 75% compared to an electric one. So if your facility needs less energy, these percentages will also be reflected in the electricity bill, though the final cost will depend on the water temperature needed, the number of bays, and the applicable tariff.

But sustainability and economic savings are not the only advantages of the system. The aerothermal heating boiler requires less maintenance and is easy to install. Automatic Legionella disinfection is also possible on this unit, which means you have a system that heats water efficiently, saves production costs thanks to its low energy consumption, and protects your installation.

How does this innovative technology work? It captures the energy present in the air and transfers it to water. To do so, two heat pump circuits work in parallel, maximising savings. This technology uses renewable and efficient energy, with no combustion or fume emission, therefore causing a very reduced environmental impact.

Together with our patented systems for chemical product injection and automatic high-pressure pump management, the aerothermal heating boiler makes our jet wash facilities environmentally friendly without affecting wash effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

If you want to know more about a technological development that allows us to obtain maximum performance while taking care of the environment, click here.

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