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Enjoy a convenient car wash without getting out of your vehicle

By 18 May, 20184CARLOVERS

You arrive at an ISTOBAL car wash facility. You choose and pay for the program at the terminal, you drive on to the machine and you enjoy the service without getting out of your vehicle. How convenient and quick! Let me introduce you to the new Smartdrive by ISTOBAL, which is currently being launched at Uniti Expo in Stuttgart (Germany). Let me tell you about this technological development that will turn car washing into a much easier task.

Smartdrive is a system consisting of technical and technological elements installed on the rollover for you to choose whether you want stay outside the vehicle during the service or inside, saving time and adding comfort to the car wash experience. You can also choose the wash program on the terminal: select a standard program and then add extras for a thorough wash in line with your vehicle needs and your preference. You can do all this without getting out of your car.

Let me explain how it works. Once you reach the payment terminal, an interactive dialogue with the machine will help you choose the program and add the extras: insect remover, Glossy Tears -a rain repellent wax-, rim spray… A choice that will depend on the products offered at the facility. Once the selection is completed, you will see the total price of the service and the estimated time the machine will need to complete it. Select one of the payment methods available and follow the instructions given by the terminal.

Smartdrive will ask you if you want to stay inside or outside the vehicle. Based on your choice, you will be shown a number of instructions and warnings. If the machine is busy, you will be asked to wait to position your car. And, for your information, it will also show you the waiting time. Don’t forget you will be able to do all this from your car window next to the terminal.

If you decide to stay inside your car, you will just have to position it on the bay following the instructions. The service will then begin. When it is finished, you will be able to slowly drive away.

This technology adds not only to your comfort but also to your safety. If you decide to stay inside, you will also avoid treading on a wet wash bay. You’ll be comfortably seated and sheltered from the sun or the cold. No slipping hazards! Our foam curtains and lighting effects on our state-of-the-art rollovers will contribute to enhancing your user experience too.

If you need to get out of your car during the service, Smartdrive includes a safety measure to stop the machine. Beep the horn for 3 seconds and the rollover will be automatically stopped. Everything has been designed for you to benefit from the fastest, smartest and most comfortable car wash without having to get out of your vehicle. What do you prefer? To stay inside or outside your car?

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