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Because experience has shown us that no two spaces are alike, at Istobal we have created the most flexible enclosures on the market in function, composition, and design. Able to protect all types of jet wash, rollovers, and tunnels, their modular design means they can adapt to any size space.

Right from simple one-bay structures, to large enclosures built using add-on modules.




  1. Let us help you analyze your existing car wash and we will provide free business projections and renderings for qualified customers.
  2. We provide a proposal and complete drawings of the “Convert A Bay” with full detail to assist you with installation and permitting if necessary.
  3. See the “step by step” picture study of a “Convert A Bay” installation, just click the Convert A Bay tab.



Enclosures which guarantee maximum protection to your wash facility so as to maintain top performance, help prevent setbacks and extend the useful life of your wash equipment.

Our Enclosures have been created using a modular concept based around the idea of simple, flexible structures with the latest materials.

Only this way can Enclosures be created which are capable of protecting all types of jet washes, rollovers and tunnels, whatever the set-up on your wash facility is.

  • The maximum safety and reliability on the market
  • Simple, flexible modular composition
  • Total protection for your wash equipment
  • A modern, fully customisable look



Classic enclosures

CLASSIC enclosures protect all types of jet wash, rollovers, and tunnels thanks to their modular design, adaptable to any size space. Right from simple one-bay structures, to large enclosures built using add-on modules.

ISTOBAL always supplies products that ensure optimum preservation. Aluminium, hot-dip galvanised steel, and stainless steel bolts and screws contribute to minimising maintenance and extending the life of modular set ups.

  • Jet washes with variable numbers of bays.
  • Jet washes with control rooms.
  • Rollover/tunnel with variable numbers of bays.
  • Rollover/tunnel with control room.
  • Mixed set-ups (jet washes and rollovers/tunnels).


Caring for details

The D´tail canopy developed by ISTOBAL allows all vehicle cleaning accessories to be located in an integrated way, giving the facility a professional look. The canopy provides a comfortable and pleasant area for users to clean their car.

  • Lightweight structure
  • Plenty of space for machines
  • Customisable structure and canopy lining