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Discover all the car wash accessories that you will find at an excellent car wash facility

By 5 October, 20174CARLOVERS
car wash accessories

Dear CarLover, we know that you care about your vehicle, not only on the outside but also on the inside. As you already know, we are also concerned about ensuring the best results of cleaning, both the exterior and the interior of your car. In today’s article, we want to explain the different car wash accessories that you will find at an excellent car wash facility – we are prepared to give your car the best possible care. Pay attention!

The first thing to do to start caring for your vehicle is to look for a car wash facility that has all the necessary car washing tools to offer excellent care. At our 4CarLovers blog we have already talked about how you can make the most of your car’s interior cleaning; do not hesitate and take a look.

Let’s start. One of the most important car wash accessories are vacuum cleaners to help you clean your seats and other items such as floor mats. You can find different models of vacuums at a car wash facility with a wide range of payment systems: coins, tokens, proximity cards, etc… Make sure that you place your vehicle in a comfortable position to vacuum all the seats. At an excellent car wash facility, you will also find an air blower to reach even the smallest corners.

To clean the mats you can also use specific car wash tools such as the mat beater and the automatic mat cleaner. The first one will help you remove the dust and large solid dirt particles, whereas the automatic mat cleaner offers a deeper cleaning as it brushes, washes and dries the mats. Be sure to use it to remove liquid stains or other substances that may have fallen and stained your mats. The best ones also include a bacteria disinfectant and a heater.

Sprayers are other indispensable car washing accessories at perfectly equipped car wash facilities. You can find this tool to be used for an exterior pre-wash or for the interior care of the vehicle. The exterior configuration of this device includes insect remover and rim degreaser products. The interior configuration has a spray nozzle for fragrances, dashboard cleaning or tire polish.

Also focusing on your car’s interior cleaning, you can find a paper o cloth dispenser to remove the dust particles from the dashboard and other elements. You can also use them to clean the windscreen and the windows of your vehicle on the inside.

Car wash accessories such as tire pumps and gauges will help you complete your vehicle care at the car wash. You can find analogue and digital models that will help you measure and correct your vehicle’s tire pressure. Remember that caring for your tires increases your safety and reduces tire wear and fuel consumption.

Now, you know the main car wash accessories that you can find at a good car wash facility committed to excellent vehicle care.

Complete your car wash experience with all these car washing accessories and keep your vehicle in excellent condition. You no longer have excuses CarLover!

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