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A day with ISTOBAL’s Technical Service

By 26 September, 2018ISTOBAL SCHOOL
ISTOBAL Technical Service

Their technical knowledge about all ISTOBAL equipment is superb; their van carries the latest, most accurate tools, and leaving machines running after a call is almost a personal challenge to them. Today’s feature is about our Technical Service engineers and how they cope with technical issues on a daily basis. To get to know what they do, we travelled with one of our Technical Service colleagues for a week together with an export manager.

If you are one of our customers, you are bound to have bumped into them. You know: having a car wash is not only about buying a machine, it is also about keeping it in perfect condition for your users. Maintenance plays a key role if you want your facility to run smoothly; that is how our engineers come into play. We take care of our your business through them during the entire life of your car wash equipment.

The first thing our engineers do in the morning is to read the notices allocated to them on their tablets. They make sure they have all the information, spare parts, tools and personal protection equipment necessary to do their job successfully and in a totally safe way. Their job orders are updated and finalized on the tablet too. They arrive at the facility on their van, which is a bit of a small workshop in which they carry all types of parts, tools and solutions to deal with all kinds of technical issues in more than 60 different car wash and car care machine models included in our product portfolio. And they also carry -in their heads- all the knowledge and practical experience needed to understand any issue and respond promptly.

They are fully aware that a rollover or a jet wash station that is out of duty does not generate any revenue to our customers, so their goal is not to return to the head office until the specific piece of equipment has been either fixed or serviced.

Engineers are trained by the company on an ongoing basis so that they know the latest products and technologies, which is key to doing a good job. No wonder, as a standard rollover is made up of 14,000 parts! It is definitely a complex high-tech machine that requires expert hands.

Safety and prevention are paramount in their work. You will always see them well equipped, and their working areas will always be properly signalled. The diagnosis comes first. Our engineers need to understand what is happening based on the information provided by the client. It could be an electrical issue, a mechanical or pneumatic one, a sensor fault, the computer… They need to be prepared for any issue. Additionally, our technicians will also detect other installation elements that may have to be checked or replaced, and they will inform customers about any necessary maintenance actions.

But the best comes last. Their satisfaction when they find the solution to a problem is comparable to that of our customers when their installation is up and running again. Our Technical Service sees to it that your facility is in perfect shaoe, just as much as you do, because they know it is essential for your business. Do you already know our Technical Service?

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