Car wash solutions:
ISTOBAL is at your side, caring for your car


ISTOBAL's mission is to improve on a daily basis in order to provide excellent car care enhancing the user experience.

ISTOBAL values:

  • Innovation. Finding new ways to add value to people, generating original solutions both for products and services and for organisational aspects and procedures.

  • Improvement. Improving performance and results on an ongoing basis, individually and collectively.

  • Excellence. Being effective and efficient in everything we do. Finding solutions with the highest quality, solutions that are agile and simple but complete.

  • Focus on service. Focus on achieving maximum customer satisfaction by adapting to changing client needs and anticipating such needs with a proactive attitude to improve their experience.

  • Commitment. Implementing ethical principles, honesty and mutual accountability between employer and employees and with clients and society in general, to live up to their trust in ISTOBAL and forge long-term relationships.

Discover our values through this video