Communication systems

Control in your hands

Communications systems IW Manager


Control and management software developed by the R&D&i department for ISTOBAL vehicle-wash equipment. The IW Manager communicates the elements in different facilities and controls equipment operations in a centralised and efficient way. Access is gained from any computer or mobile device.

  • Remote control of facilities.
  • Direct vehicle views following camera installation.
  • Warning handler.
  • Alarm configuration by e-mail.
  • On line technical service.
  • Statistics.
  • Adequate for rollovers and jet washes.

Screen access

Software for remote access to the command post of a car-wash machine.
Screen Access displays all the information on the programme of Siemens KTP400 touch screen to the technical staff, allowing them to interact with it.

  • Machine control and diagnostics.
  • Access to configuration menus.
  • Partial and total counters.

This application uses the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) connection and is compatible with JAVA web browsers. It can be used with the M’NEX and M’START rollover ranges and in the HEAVYWASH commercial vehicle range.