Commercial car washes are a viable business that provide year-long services that continue to be in high demand. Setting your car wash business apart from the competition is vital to your success and longevity in the industry. When you incorporate commercial car wash equipment from Istobal, you can stay on the cutting edge of technology and provide the ultimate in customer experience.

Commercial Car Wash Systems Available

When you have information on all the different types of commercial car wash systems available, you can make an informed decision on which systems you want to use in your business.

Rollovers – Rollover car wash systems provide a consistently clean vehicle for your customers. This commercial car wash equipment also features reliable, durable construction that you can count on year after year. Four out of five commercial car washes choose rollover products to serve their customers’ needs, making them the most popular type of system available today. We offer four different models of rollover car wash systems to suit all of your commercial car wash needs. Our rollover systems are made of the highest quality materials and feature innovative technology that makes them reliable and user-friendly.

Tunnel Car Washes – Tunnel car washes are perfect to use for your drive-through car wash concept. The Express on Wheels system eliminates the need for staff while providing a consistent and safe wash for all types of vehicles. Our tunnel car wash systems can utilize any of our rollover car wash equipment, making them customizable to your unique business needs. Customers can choose touch-free, friction-only, or hybrid washes with high-pressure rinse options to create the perfect wash for their vehicles.

Truck and Heavy Machinery Washes – We are the largest manufacturer of truck wash equipment in the world. If your commercial car wash specializes in fleets, we are the equipment choice for you! We offer touch-free systems, gantry-style equipment, manual walk-around units, and drive-through systems. No matter what your target market or car wash layout, we have a truck wash system that is perfect for your needs.

Additional Commercial Car Wash Equipment

If you already have your car wash equipment system in place, we can still be of service with our additional product offerings.

Enclosures – Our modular enclosures are adaptable to any size or space and can house your rollover, jet wash, or tunnel car wash systems. Our enclosures provide safety for your equipment and protect it from the elements, theft, and vandals. Enclosure options are customizable to your brand and image, making them a seamless integration for your business. Not sure what type of enclosure will work best for your business? We provide free consultations and can analyze your space and needs to provide you the perfect enclosure solution.

Payment Terminals – We have designed the Codec payment terminal to provide a convenient and safe way for your customers to pay for their car wash. Choose a contactless proximity or numerical code method for payment ease. Our functional system is user-friendly and reliable, ensuring your customers will never have a problem paying for their service. Customized terminals enhance your image and keep your customers coming back.

Communication Systems – A cutting-edge communication system keeps your car wash business competitive and efficient. Our innovative communication options allow you remotely control your facilities and offer features such as direct vehicle views, warning handlers, alarm configurations, online technical services, and statistics. Our systems work with all rollover and jet washes and can be seamlessly integrated to improve control over your business and easily take care of issues or identify red flags before they become problems.

Friction washing material – Our award-winning and patented custom friction washing material was invented based on customer needs. Our car wash brushes Link-it brand was designed to provide easy replacement of sections instead of requiring customers to replace entire car wash brush systems. Our material offers unprecedented advantages to our customers and helps them optimize profitability and flexibility, all while respecting the environment.

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Commercial Car Wash Needs

When choosing commercial car wash equipment, it’s important to keep your customer’s needs in mind as well as the layout of your business. Here are some questions to ask yourself before making a decision on equipment to purchase:

What is my target market? Identifying your target market will help you put the right system in place. Do you cater to an affluent market that will pay more for cutting-edge technology and add-ons? Is a large segment of your market truck drivers? Your equipment choices should fit in with the needs of those you serve most often.

What is my space availability? Do you have room for an enclosed tunnel car wash or only for a small rollover system? Will customers easily be able to line up and pay for your washes without crowding your lot or streets? Our team is available to analyze your space and provide suggestions on the best system for your needs.

What are my goals? Setting goals for your commercial car wash business is important for controlled and successful growth. Your equipment choices should be based not only on your current needs, but also future needs should your goals be met.


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Car Wash Equipment Dealers

Choosing the right dealer to buy commercial car wash equipment from is a vital part of your decision-making process. When comparing car wash equipment dealers, it’s important to do your research and find out the dealers’ background, reputation, and time in the industry. Here are some considerations:

Innovation – Has the dealer implemented new technology to come up with innovative product solutions? At Istobal, we have a thriving research, development, and innovation department to ensure we are always on the cutting edge. We anticipate the marketplace and our customers’ needs so we can provide them with the best tools to grow their car wash business.

History – How long has the dealer been in the industry? What is their background? Ismael Tomas Alacreu, founded Istobal in 1950 and has been working to meet customer demands and industry standards for over 65 years.

Quality. Does the dealer have a focus on quality materials and parts? Do they stand behind their products? Our team has a strong commitment to quality and to the environment. We want to make sure that all of our customers are happy with their Istobal equipment and that we use the most environmentally-friendly materials and processes available.

Establishing, growing, and succeeding with a commercial car wash business is easier when you deal with a reputable equipment dealer that is just as committed to your success as you are. When you partner with Istobal, you are partnering with an industry leader in commercial car wash equipment. Let us help you grow a business you can be proud of!