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Cleaning tips to help protect your car this summer

By 9 July, 20194CARLOVERS
summer tips

In today’s piece, we remind you that keeping the car clean in summer is essential when it comes to preventing damage to the chassis, windows and upholstery, as well as for ensuring good visibility and comfort at the wheel. To this end, we have come up with a series of car wash recommendations to help protect the car at this time of year.

We recommend using pre-wash programs to soak stains with suitable, effective products – such as anti-mosquito shampoos – in order to remove the most stubborn kinds of dirt. Likewise, polishing waxes that help to protect the chassis from UV rays are a good way to preserve the painting from the effects of the sun and keep the car clean for longer.

Our experts also remind you that the car’s upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly, using the right products that ensure a deep clean and refresh the original colours, with anti-static protection to preserve the surface for a longer lasting clean.

Hot weather also has a tendency to wreak havoc on the rubber parts of windscreen wipers. We therefore recommend soaking them periodically and using a cloth to remove any substances, which will make them easier to clean afterwards.

ISTOBAL’s other recommendations include not washing the car at the hottest time of the day or letting it dry in the sun or when the car is in use. This way, you can prevent new dirt from sticking to the surface and stop marks appearing on the car.

Remove traces of sand, salt residues, insects and bird droppings as soon as possible.

We also want to stress that regularly cleaning the car on beach days and getting rid of insect debris and bird droppings is key to keeping cars in good condition at this time of the year.

With this in mind, we recommend using pre-wash programs with high-pressure water to protect the chassis and remove any dirt or residues of salpetre or sand.  It is important to pay particular attention to the underbody, the wheel arches, rims and tyres while cleaning, as well as the windows, panes, rear-view mirrors and licence plate area.