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Car wash tips for a perfect car in spring

By 17 April, 20184CARLOVERS
car wash tips

Now that spring has arrived, we want to give you some car wash tips to make your car look like new. The first thing you should know is that insects, resin, pollen and bird droppings are the main enemies of your car’s paint in spring, and that dirt deposits on the body damage the paint, affecting the colour and reducing the shine. Therefore, it is important to wash the car weekly this time of year, to eliminate resin, insects and bird droppings as soon as possible due to their high corrosive power. This recommendation is not only a matter of car care; it is also for your own safety and that of other drivers. It is essential to keep the car windows cleaned to ensure full visibility and road safety.

Resin, insects and bird droppings should be cleaned off as soon as possible, as the heat and the sun speed up corrosion and may cause irreversible paint damage. We recommend high pressures and foams to help dissolve dirt. Pre-wash programs are needed to soften stains and stubborn dirt with suitable and effective products such as an insect remover.

For a professional result in jet wash systems, we recommend the use of brushes with pre-wash and shampoo programs with hot water to remove insects and other difficult substances embedded on the windscreen, the windows, the wing mirrors, the number plate or the underside.

Also, do not forget to use waxes to protect the paint; they create a protective film on the bodywork that keeps the vehicle clean for a longer time.  Waxes enhance the gloss and make the cleaning last longer thanks to their water-repellent properties.

Another element that must be paid special attention is the windscreen wipers; they must be kept in good condition, without pollen or other dirt so that they can be properly cleaned and to ensure road visibility at all times.

Dry-cleaning the vehicle is not advisable, as this could damage the paint. The latest-technology tunnels such as ours are totally safe for vehicles, as -if properly maintained- they do not scratch the vehicle surface. Car washes incorporate electronic controls that guarantee a steady brush pressure, avoiding the risk of damaging the paint but eliminating existing dirt. Besides, new foam materials on brushes make contact much softer, with no effects on car wash effectiveness.

We should not to let the car dry in the sun to avoid stains, and we should not let it dry while we drive either, as new dirt will stick. In jet wash bays, a manual dryer is recommended, as this accessory contributes to a perfect finish.

And finally, in spring it is also advisable to prepare the vehicle for the summer. Using a program with a polishing wax closes pores on the paint and adds to protection.

Now you know everything you need to have a perfect car this spring!

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