The car wash industry has been changing drastically over the last several decades. With improvements in the machines, equipment and chemical formulas, customers are getting the best care for their cars. If your gas station or car wash company is looking to provide your clients with top-of-the-line car wash systems, ISTOBAL has the answer. Our innovative research and development team is constantly developing comprehensive solutions for your car wash system needs. We also provide a flexible manufacturing process to ensure that the best products are manufactured.

With the large selection of equipment and chemicals available, taking the time to look at all the possibilities will help you choose the right wash system for your budget and client profile. The common factors to look at include dimensions, wash capacity and local environmental factors. Specialized formulas are available to match the unique needs of your gas station.

From the best touchless car wash system to hands-on interior cleaning products, the perfect solutions are created by ISTOBAL. Moreover, the ISTOBAL technical and marketing teams are always ready to provide the best support and to give you the information you need to make the most informed decision possible about the most suitable wash systems.

Common car wash systems

For many gas stations, providing a variety of car wash systems gives their clients a wider range of options. While this works well for large gas companies, smaller stations need to prioritize the types of car wash systems they offer. The most common types of systems include:

  • Rollover: These automatic wash systems use a series of brushes, high-pressure systems and blowers to provide a sparkling clean wash. Your clients drive into the facility and come to a stop. Once stationary, the equipment maneuvers over and around the vehicle.
  • Tunnel: Like rollover car wash systems, the tunnel is an automatic wash that allows facilities to wash a larger quantity cars in a short period of time. When the client drives into the car wash area, they rely on a conveyor to send the vehicle through the cleaning process.
  • Self-service washes: Self-service washing bays are a great way to let your clients modify their cleaning process. If you provide them with the right tools, good quality water and the best chemicals, they will enjoy selecting the wash options necessary to give them the perfect wash while at the same time allowing them the enjoyment of caring for their vehicle.

Choosing the right wash systems

The different car wash systems mentioned above each have their pros and cons.

A client is looking to open a car wash facility, may think about different factors to choose the right equipment. Here we provide some tips:

  • How many cars per hour do you want to wash?
  • How much space do you have to build this facility?
  • Do you want a manned or an unmanned station?
  • What are your clients looking for?
  • What is your budget?
  • What will be the estimated return of the investment?

Answering those questions and drawing a brief marketing plan with specific objectives will help you choose the best wash system.

The different types of ISTOBAL´s automatic car wash systems

Rollovers are a very common type of automatic car wash system. ISTOBAL has different models that offer certain advantages. Both brush models and brushless models are available in our range of products. Our rollover models include the ISTOBAL M1, ISTOBAL M’NEX24, ISTOBAL M’NEX22, and ISTOBAL TRACER.

touchless car wash systemISTOBAL M1 is surprising in two aspects: aesthetics and functionality. It is extremely reliable and offers a simple and high quality wash. The wash program is performed by completely overlapping vertical brushes, as well as having six shampoo nozzles and two rinsing nozzles.

Our touchless car wash system, ISTOBAL M’NEX24, features rollover technology. With the power of high pressure and photo cell advancements, this model maps out the vehicle to provide an impeccable finish.

Another model of our range, the ISTOBAL M’NEX22, is the most versatile automatic car wash system. This machine cleans and cares your vehicle with a brush system that uses two vertical brushes and one horizontal brush to offer a great cleaning. It also has a four-nozzle setup for rinsing and waxing, high pressure and an automatic dryer that scans the shape of the vehicle to perform a perfect wash.

Our ISTOBAL TRACER is the first European touchless rollover system. Its unique design offers a wide variety of options. Different shampoos, waxes, and drying equipment are available for the TRACER. This customizability makes it a versatile piece of equipment in places with many seasonal weather changes. It even contains its own water pump to ensure the right water pressure is always available.

automatic touchless car wash systemsTunnels from ISTOBAL combine our wide range of rollover equipment with a drive-through option. This system is designed to provide even more options to your clients. These systems give great value for your clients, and are designed to use with top-of-the-line cleaning products.

Our drive-through option is an entire washing system recommended for high production facilities. Dealerships, fleet vehicles, and rental cars are the perfect clients for this system. It includes pre-wash, wraparound washers, a top brush, and a rinsing arch. This system is designed to give a quick, quality wash.

What Makes the Best Car Wash System

Your company wants to get the best car wash system. The right system provides your clients the cleaning level they desire, so that they can choose what they are willing to pay. You also need to consider the original output costs, running costs, and maintenance costs. Our range of car wash systems provides customizability to meet your unique needs. Our hard work towards making the best car wash systems and chemical products on the market ensures that any of our systems are the right choice. Be proud to use ISTOBAL equipment and chemicals.