Car wash brush: The hard part was keeping it simple

Being a pioneer in the sector means constantly devoting energy to innovation and development. Our R+D+I department is always up to the challenge, never failing to come up with revolutionary ideas which respond to the changing demands of the market with a remarkable blend of efficiency and simplicity. Link-it is another fine example of ISTOBAL´s abiding refusal to conform, and to find the right solution for our customers.

Link-it is the brand of ISTOBAL´s car wash brushes designed in 2010 after the experience gained by ISTOBAL in the car wash sector.

ISTOBAL is always listening to its clients, so that, we knew that customers wanted an easy system where they can replace the material of the car wash brush easily, in segments, without requiring a service technician or changing all of the material, and Link-it accomplishes this.

Link-it is a quick and easy brush fitting system for automatic car wash machines which makes it possible to attach and combine different wash materials on one single detachable support made up of two parts which clip together. The support becomes a complete brush section when the segments of interchangeable and disposable wash material are added.

Each half of the link-it support contains 6 individual prongs, known as “bases”, to fit the segments onto. As many different Istobal wash materials as are currently available can be used. They can be fitted individually, doubled up, have different lengths, and have different thicknesses of materials or colors. Because link-it car wash brushes are a single, unique solution for a multitude of needs.

The support sections of the link-it brush fitting system can be reused as many times as needed; you need only change and dispose of the worn brush wash materials. In fact, the life cycle of the support is superior to that of the vehicle car wash machine itself.

ISTOBAL has obtained the official patent for the Link-it system, which guarantees that it is the first and only brush fitting system on the market with such unique features, and which means unprecedented advantages to our customers in the form of: flexibility, profitability, durability, versatility, and respect for the environment.

ISTOBAL was awarded in 2010 for its Link-it system in the Innovation Gallery of Motortec Automechanika Madrid.

carwash brush


carwash brushes
car wash brush


  • Modified EVA material
  • Better grip than material currently used
  • Better vehicle shine
  • Less noise on contact with the car
  • Non drip
  • Longer lasting material
  • UV Resistance 7-8 (on a scale of 1 to 8)
car wash brushes
carwash brush


  • Modified PP material
  • Weight: 850 g/m2
  • Better vehicle shine
  • Less noise on contact with the car
  • Non drip
  • UV Resistance 7-8 (on a scale of 1 to 8)
  • Special treatment for outdoor textile
carwash brushes


  • 100% textile material
  • Weight: 950 g/m2
  • Sandwich” composition, in three-component material
  • Less noise on contact with the car
  • Non drip
  • Higher absorption of residual drops
  • UV Resistance 7-8 (on a scale of 1 to 8)
  • Better vehicle polish
car wash brushes

One of the most important parts of your commercial car wash business is the equipment you use. The type of car wash brush you implement can mean the difference between a truly clean vehicle and one that is only sub-par. The quality and type of car wash brush you use can also make a big difference in making sure all the vehicles that go through your car wash are undamaged.

ISTOBAL is a pioneer in the car wash industry and our research, development, and innovation department is always up for the challenge of coming up with revolutionary ideas. In the case of car wash brushes, we knew the market demanded a product that combined efficiency and simplicity.

Enter Link-it. Link-it is a carwash brush system that is miles ahead of its time and an example of ISTOBAL’s refusal to conform or follow the pack. Our main goal is to develop the right solution for our customers. Link-it was introduced in 2010 after our team listened to the concerns and needs of those who owned car washes and wanted a new choice of car wash brush.

Automatic Car Wash Brushes

When we spoke with automatic car wash owners, we saw that there was a gap in their needs and the current products available. Owners wanted automatic car wash brushes that could be easily replaced in sections instead of having to replace the entire unit. When brushes can be changed in segments, it saves money in the form of material costs. Replacing segments also does not require the services of a technician or specialized staff.

Link-it is a car washing brush system that is simple to use in automatic car wash machines. This system allows owners to easily attach and combine several different materials onto a support system. This unit is created by two clipped-together parts, and the support helps to create a car wash brush system when individual segments are added.

Each half of the Link-it support contains six individual prongs known as ‘bases’ that can be fitted with individual segments. Many different ISTOBAL wash materials can be used with the Link-it carwash brush system, depending on the customer’s needs. They can be fitted individually or doubled. They also come in different lengths, thicknesses, materials, and colors to provide the perfect customized solution for any automatic car wash.

Car Washing Brushes

The main support sections of the Link-it car wash brush system can be re-used multiple times and owners need to change and dispose only of the worn car washing brushes. The life cycle of the support is longer than many automatic car wash machines, saving the owners time and money.

The Link-it carwash brush system can be used in the following types of automatic car washes:

  • Rollovers  – Rollovers are a hands-free drive-through option that are popular with many automatic car washes. The carwash brush options on these units are vital to the outcome of the wash. If you have a rollover type of automatic car wash, you should consider the Link-it system for vehicle integrity and cost savings.
  • Tunnel washes – Many tunnel car washes use rollover systems or a combination of rollover with hand drying or detailing at the end of the process. Tunnel washes are popular with washes that attract higher end customers who demand the ultimate car wash experience.
  • Large equipment and truck washes – The Link-it system is durable and effective enough to be used in large equipment, buses, and truck washes. These types of systems demand a high level of quality in a car wash brush to effectively clean oversized vehicles.

Savings for You, Savings for the Environment

The economical features of the Link-it system provide big savings for the car wash owner as well as for the environment.

Savings for you – When you replace only the parts of the brush system that are worn, you save big. Not only do you save on material costs, but you also save on costly technician time and the downtime that comes with changing out complete brush systems.
Savings for the environment – Changing and disposing of less material means fewer materials are deposited into landfills. The re-use of the bases equal long-term savings of tons of material of the course of your car wash business.
ISTOBAL has obtained the official patent for the Link-it system. This guarantees that the Link-it brushes are the first and only car wash brush fitting system on the market with their unique features. This guarantees customers unprecedented advantages in the form of durability, profitability, respect for the environment, flexibility, and versatility.