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9 daily processes for correctly maintaining your car wash facility

By 13 December, 2018ISTOBAL SCHOOL

We have previously discussed that a car wash facility which is well looked after and cleaned gives the best first impression of you. That is why we now want to tell you about 9 maintenance processes which you must carry out daily to ensure that your customers enjoy the best car wash service. Please take note of them!

Checking the condition of the brushes

We would advise you to examine all of the brushes every day to check that there are no items attached to them which could leave marks or damage the vehicle when it is being washed.

Cleaning the rollover bay

If your facility has a rollover, you should also clean and sweep the bay every day in order to remove any dirt.

Cleaning the photocells

In order to ensure that the rollover works properly, the photocells or sensors on its various components must be clean. There are 12 photocells on our state-of-the-art rollovers: six on the dryer, four on the rollover’s columns and two more on the lower part, on the wheel-washers. Remember that you must first lower the dryer from the rollover’s control panel.

Examining the jet wash guns

If you also have self-service jet wash equipment in your facility, we would recommend that you examine the guns every day. To do this, you must check the condition of the outer layer of the rubber and operate the various guns in order to ensure that there are no leaks, focusing on the connection points in particular. You just need 5 seconds to check that the brush, foam gun, children’s gun or tyre polisher work. Turn on the pressure regulating gun for 15 seconds to check that it works on each wash programme and remember to check whether the manual dryer operates properly as well.

Cleaning the jet wash bay

You must also clean the bay in the jet wash area. Use the hose on the system to push the dirt towards the grid and be very careful not to point the hose at the payment terminal at any time.

Boiler temperature

You must also check that the boiler temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius every day. You must call a technician if it is 15 degrees above or below this temperature.

Vacuum cleaners

To ensure that your customers have a good experience when it comes to cleaning car interiors, you must check that the vacuum cleaner is working. To do this, you must focus on four areas: the condition of the nozzle, the suction capacity, the condition of the hose and whether it is attached to the machine.

If the nozzle separator is flush to the end of the nozzle, it is time to replace it. Place your hand on the nozzle to check the suction. Spread the hose out across the floor to check what condition it is in and don’t forget to put it back in place afterwards. Also check that the hose is properly attached to the machine and if it is not, open up the machine to connect it again.

Paper/cloth dispenser

Check that the dispenser does not show paper through the slot. Open the door and make sure that the paper is correctly in place. Change the roll if it has run out.

Mat beater

Finally, do not forget to empty the drawer on the mat beater every day to prevent dirt from building up inside.

These 9 maintenance operations are fundamental for looking after your car wash facility every day. Remember: ISTOBAL’s maintenance and Technical Assistance Service is here for you whenever you need it. Should you have any queries about maintaining your equipment, we would be happy to help you.

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