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Mr. Ismael Tomás Alacreu founded ISTOBAL in the spring of 1950

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ISTOBAL: leader amongst car wash suppliers

ISTOBAL is a Spanish leader company amid car wash suppliers in the design, manufacture and marketing of car wash and car care solutions for the automotive sector.

ISTOBAL was founded in L´Alcúdia, Valencia (Spain) in 1950. The founder, Ismael Tomas Alacreu was an entrepreneur who started with a small repair shop. The first machine that he made was a lubrication machine for automobiles. This milestone caused the company to change course towards the manufacturing and sale of specialized lubrication equipment, and later on towards automotive lifts for repair shops.

The first automatic car wash was designed in 1963 and was sold for garages and repair shops. It was in 1969 when ISTOBAL consolidated itself in the car wash suppliers sector by extending its manufacturing lines and successfully exporting its first products.

ISTOBAL was dedicated to be focused on car wash equipment until 1982, providing not only car wash machines, but also a good technical service for assisting car wash distributors and clients onsite. It was in 1982 when ISTOBAL amplified its focus and manufactured its first truck wash equipment.

People who work in ISTOBAL, truly believe in the innovation and the continued improvement. The esens chemical products brand launched in 2010 by ISTOBAL, are for instance, proof of that. These products are based on providing the best quality car wash. ISTOBAL tests first the esens chemicals in a car wash machine so that, we can know which products fits better and which ones are more efficient. Also, our officially patented car wash brush Link-it system guarantees that it is the first and only brush fitting system on the market with unique features.

ISTOBAL´s mission is to improve on a daily basis to ensure excellent vehicle care, enhancing the experience of using its carwash products.

Wide network of car wash distributors

Now, ISTOBAL is present in more than 75 countries providing its products and services through a wide network of car wash distributors, car wash manufacturers and its own subsidiaries. ISTOBAL adapts its machines to the different markets from various manufacturing and assembly plants worldwide.

Our network of Technical Service Staff in each country where ISTOBAL has subsidiaries and car wash distributors enables us to provide high levels of support and customer satisfaction to your car wash operation.

Our Technical Service Staff in ISTOBAL USA deals with calls anywhere in North America either by Factory Technicians or through our network of Authorized Car Wash Distributors.

If you want to know more about our Support Service, please call to the number 800-336-8975 or leave contact us through our website.