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Your bus or your truck clean in 2 minutes with ISTOBAL HW’EXPRESS

bus wash

ISTOBAL School has news for companies with large bus or truck fleets needing a top quality vehicle wash with excellent turnaround times. A new model, ISTOBAL HW’EXPRESS, has just been launched. This new drive through equipment can wash a 12-metres long vehicle in 2 minutes.

It is really easy to use by the driver, as it includes three traffic lights to indicate wash phases and vehicle stop positions at all times, for the overlapping scrub of both the vehicle front and rear to be performed. Vehicle maintenance and care are made easier for urban buses, for example; it is so much easier and quicker for the driver, who must always leave his/her vehicle clean and ready for the next day.

The model is one of the most productive for large fleets and can wash vehicles regardless of their length. The area needed for the machine is very small and rails are not necessary. The new model allows the user to configure several wash programs for vehicles with panoramic mirrors and to have different set-ups with additional vertical brushes, a horizontal brush for the roof and the underchassis, and several pre-wash systems. Let’s explain these optional extras -intended to adjust the equipment to your fleet needs- in more detail.

Additional brushes

Brushes with different heights can be installed for a more thorough wash of the vehicle front and sides and the area under the rear-view mirrors, one of the most difficult areas to reach and wash.

Roof wash

A horizontal brush with a 1.5 metre travel washes the roof of differently sized vehicles. Don’t forget that washing the top of the vehicle ensures a more thorough result and prevents roof dirt from affecting the sides. With this optional extra, you will have a higher quality rinse.

Foamy chemical pre-wash

If your fleet needs a thorough, more demanding wash, this optional extra applies a more powerful chemical product.

High pressure

The high pressure process can be automated to avoid the manual wash of lower areas and rims.

Underchassis wash

If the roof is important, an underchassis wash is definitely a must. You can have it built into the wash bay. High-impact nozzles will make the rear of the vehicle look new, working harder on the number plate and the mudguards.

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