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Weekly maintenance tasks for your car wash facility

By 11 March, 2019ISTOBAL SCHOOL

In this month’s post, we give you our recommendations for weekly maintenance tasks for car wash facilities with ISTOBAL equipment, helping you to ensure everything keeps running smoothly. Don’t forget: correctly maintaining your systems on a regular basis will extend their useful life and prevent repairs. Here goes!

Deep clean the facilities

As you already know, you should clean the rollover bay and the jet wash bay every day to get rid of dirt. But it is also important to deep clean the facilities weekly. ISTOBAL esens® offers a whole range of products to help you clean your facilities, with special formulas designed for every type of surface. The machine-cleaning shampoo will help you to eliminate the lime residues that accumulate in metal parts, while the multi-use degreaser will get rid of more persistent dirt from the hydrocarbons. The cleaner for aluminium and stainless materials will make those surfaces shine, and the cleaning detergent for wash bays will get rid of mould or verdigris and stop the bay getting slippery.

Check the product levels

Another weekly task we recommend you carry out is to check the levels of the chemical products. By regularly checking the volumes of the chemicals you use in your systems, you can avoid running out of product and make sure the levels are topped up in good time. We also recommend that you check the tyre polisher levels and the salt level in the deposit. You will find two indentations in our bottles indicating the maximum and minimum levels for both of these products. Remember to keep the product level between these marks to make sure the system works properly.

Check the oil in the high-pressure pump

We also recommend that you check the oil in the high-pressure pump once a week. You will see a red rot here, showing you the correct oil level. Make sure that the oil is filled to this level, and check the colour: if it is white, call the technician immediately!

Clean the vacuum cleaner

In addition to daily checks to make sure the vacuum cleaner is working properly, you should also clean the dirt that has accumulated in the hoses and the drawer once a week to keep the machine in good working order. To do this, you will need to open the vacuum cleaner with the lever (you will find this at the front if you have a double machine or at the side if you have a single machine), shake the hoses to get of the dust inside, and empty the drawer.

Check the safety systems

Finally, we also recommend that you check the safety systems in your facilities on a weekly basis. If you have Smartdrive, make sure that the horn detector microphone for emergency shutdown mode is working properly. Activate a wash programme and press the horn for 3 seconds. If the machine stops, that means the system is working perfectly. Also check the safety profiles by activating them with the machine on stand-by to make sure it turns off. Finally, press the emergency stop button to check that the machine is disconnected.

These simple steps are your key to the correct weekly system maintenance. If you have any questions, remember that our technical service team is here to help.

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