Advanced solutions for water treatment

Water treatment

When it comes to cleaning, water still holds the key. The fact is that if quality water is not used, the finish on the vehicle leaves a lot to be desired, since spots will always appear on the paintwork. To guarantee its purity in any circumstances, anywhere on the planet, Istobal offer a complete range of demineralisers using reverse osmosis.

Integrated into the different wash systems, they guarantee excellent quality water for use in the final rinse, without adversely affecting the performance of the machines.



A treatment unit for water used in washing cars, buses and trucks using a biological system with capacity to supply a flow of recycled water of 6,000 litres /hour.

A biological process eliminates organic matter (DQO originating mainly from detergents, waxes, oils and hydrocarbons) and so reduces water pollution. In addition, the formation of floccules means sedimentary particles and colloidals are eliminated more easily.


The power of ZEOLIS comes from the use of zeolites, a new filtration matter of volcanic origin, which is highly porous and has a density similar to that of water. This revolutionary matter offers thorough ?ltration: the water flows through the unit in a completely uniform way, taking advantage of the whole filtration surface of the zeolite. An added bonus is that the high speed of ?ltration achieved means that the size of the units can be reduced considerably, giving maximum performance in the minimum space.

Mobile recycling system

Our container is designed to include the main recycling and waste stages in a standard size container (W 2.4 m x L 6 m x H 2.8 m) to avoid civil works on a wash facility. The unit is ideal for facilities with a maximum water consumption of 5 m3/h and which need to reuse the residual water generated by the wash machines.

The stages included are:

  • Sedimentation and homogenization
  • Hydrocarbon separation
  • Physical recycler
  • Disinfection
  • Recycled water storage


Small Flow Rates

  • A compact assembly.
  • Long-lasting membranes (with proper maintenance).
  • A generous choice of pre-treatment options, all able to deal with poor quality wáter.
  • Optional post-treatment disinfection of demineralised water.

Medium Flows

Achieving a perfect finish, free of blemishes, depends on the quality of the water used in the final rinse. The result starts to be acceptable when the dissolved solids content is less than 100 ppm* (mg/litre). But not all waters can naturally achieve these levels of quality. Hence the need for Istobal’s demineraliser units. They are a complete solution, able to reduce the amount of dissolved solids in the water to levels of between 10-70 ppm (mg/litre).
And on top of this, they take up the minimum amount of space when installed in a small control room, or outside, protected by a cabinet.).

Other equipments

Hydrocarbon Separator

Our range of separators is designed to retain the hydrocarbons contained in the water produced by the wash process as well as rainwater and surface run-off and so achieve a concentration <5mg/l.

Disinfectant dosing system

Many different types of water can be used on vehicle wash facilities (mains, well, recycled, demineralised).

All of these waters may require a process of disinfection in the accumulation tanks before being used on the wash machine, due to the growth of fungus and bacteria in the stored water.

This dosing system has a continuous measuring and dosing feature, which means that mistakes of adding too little or too


  • Bottle made of glass fibre reinforced polyester
  • Regenerating solution tank made of polyethylene
  • Choice of programming instant or delayed regeneration

Chlorine Metering Panel

  • Panel for dispensing chlorine-based disinfectant
  • Dosage dispensed in proportion to the flow of water passing through the unit
  • An adjustable impulses pump to dispense product as needed
  • Total ease of use and maintenance