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ISTOBAL, together with our French subsidiary FDI+, supply car wash installations for train wash equipment.

Train wash installations are almost custom-made for each type of train. The power the vehicle operates with, its length, and the locomotive’s front are the three basic factors that define the wash area.

There are about seven different pre-set wash programs that give the base unit all it needs to guarantee an efficient train wash. The modules which make up this unit, the different optional extras available and the wash process, are all designed to offer total flexibility in the way they can be combined and so adapt to the needs of every fleet.

In addition to the conventional optional extras for this type of wash facility, there is also the option to add an underchassis wash, a complete horizontal brush wash, dryer modules… So get a perfect train wash finish!

Some features of the train wash equipment are: access traffic light and entry detector photocells barrier, rinsing posts, group of four vertical brushes, rinse, exit detector photocells barrier, and exit traffic light.

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train wash
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truck wash bay
train wash



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