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Tips for correctly washing a motorcycle before putting it into hibernation

By 27 November, 20184CARLOVERS
washing a motorcycle

Proper cleaning, removing all forms of dirt, such as organic debris from mosquitoes, bird droppings, dust and grease, is essential to keep motorcycles in perfect condition during the winter months when they are not being used. Today we recommend thoroughly washing motorcycles and scooters before putting them into hibernation, in order to avoid the paintwork deteriorating or metal parts corroding.

For deep cleaning, ISTOBAL recommends you use a high-pressure water washing machine. It is essential to use the correct type of wash so as not to damage any components on this type of vehicle.

Before you begin the cleaning process, we recommend sealing the exhaust pipe, air inlets and electrical components with plastic. The aim is to prevent water getting into the headlights and rear-view mirrors, among others parts, so that they do not rust. In the case of the exhaust pipe, directing the water away from the opening would also be sufficient, while rear-view mirrors can simply be turned upside down.

We advise you to wash the motorcycle when the engine is cold and carry out a pre-wash with specialised vehicle cleaning products, in order to remove remnants of mud and mosquitoes, especially from the tyres.

Next we recommend you wash the motorcycle using a high-pressure hot water washing programme, at a distance of at least 30 cm from the hose opening, before wiping from top to bottom.

ISTOBAL does not recommend allowing chemicals to dry on the vehicle because they could remove the shine from metal parts. Remember that specialised products for tyre rims should not be applied to the chassis or other sensitive parts of the bike.

For a perfect finish, we recommend you apply protective wax before rinsing with purified water. Thorough drying using manual drying or paper is also essential for proper motorcycle maintenance. It is essential to remove all moisture before covering the motorcycle, in order to prevent condensation and rust or grime appearing.

Finally, before putting the motorcycle into hibernation, it’s also a good idea to lubricate certain components, such as the transmission chains.

Other recommendations for putting the bike into hibernation

ISTOBAL advises you to use the bike as much as possible during the winter to avoid damage. However, should you be putting the bike into hibernation, other recommendations include disconnecting the battery and filling the fuel tank, increasing the pressure of the tyres by half a kilo, and protecting it from dust and moisture with a breathable cover, in order to keep it in the best possible condition. For motorcycles that do not have a centre stand, we also suggest you change the position of the bike, in order to prevent the tyres from flattening where they are in prolonged contact with the ground.

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