Self-service car wash: Enjoy washing & caring for your vehicle with jet washes by ISTOBAL

ISTOBAL meets the needs and high expectations of every customer in different geographies and industries. We proudly present a new generation of the most advanced jet washes in the market. A new concept in self-service car wash designed to satisfy your clients and maximise your profits… and now also based on the fun aspect of vehicle care.

ISTOBAL has sought perfection in every detail by designing a unique range of jet washes. More efficient and innovative, they combine state-of-the-art technology with more attractive designs. Jet washes which adapt to the specific needs of each customer, guaranteeing an impeccable finish in the most comfortable and efficient way and new features that will stimulate your senses and will turn the wash of your car into an enjoyable experience.

self service car wash

ISTOBAL n’joyavant

self service car wash

ISTOBAL n’joyaccess

self service car wash

ISTOBAL n’joypack

A wide range of solutions for self-service car wash

ISTOBAL has developed different solutions for different needs in self-service car washes.

ISTOBAL n´joyavant is the most advanced equipment in the jet wash range, the perfect solution for more than one bay with infinite options to do the most of your self-service car wash installation. This jet wash equipment offers a multitude of features and flexibility in order to adapt to the specific needs of each client. It comes with a wide variety of programmes, turning each wash into a unique experience.

ISTOBAL n´joyaccess is the basic multi bay jet wash solution designed to offer a fast, agile and effective clean, giving the best quality wash with basic programmes to keep your clients satisfied.

In addition, if the space that is available in your car wash center is limited, do not worry… ISTOBAL n´joypack is the solution! The versatile Pack series incorporates all the necessary complements to offer the maximum quality washing in self-service car wash with just one bay.

ISTOBAL designs and manufactures car wash and car care solutions adapted to specific market needs, always ensuring the most impeccable finish in a very comfortable way.

If you are a demanding customer, we will meet your expectations. Our jet wash equipment is the most advanced and effective in the market. Do you want to be impressed?