Payment terminals for car wash facilities

The perfect connection between technology and simplicity

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Connect-a is the new payment terminal designed by ISTOBAL. It offers a personalised, intuitive car wash experience thanks to its high technology and modern payment systems.

Its most innovative version includes a touch screen with a User- Centred Design (UCD) that allows customers to easily choose the right car wash programme for their needs.

How can I help you?

In the touch screen version, a virtual assistant helps users in a personalised way , recommending the best car wash programme in line with specific needs. It is a straightforward process. Only the vehicle’s dirt level needs to be specified. After this, Kate or Robert recommend the most adequate programmes.

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ISTOBAL has combined elegance, technology and simplicity to design Codec, a payment terminal that brings together the two most intuitive payment systems in the market: the contactless or proximity method and the numerical code. Functional minimalism within your reach.